Monday 3 September 2012

Markets over 1st&2nd Sep

Had a great time at Gisborne on Sunday. This is one of the biggest market in the area. Keep an eye on our website for the next time this is on - then come and see us. 

Our next market is Mornington at the racecourse. We will be taking many plants with us so you can view all the different types of Bamboo available. Come and talk to us about your requirements and we can show you the right Bamboo.  We will be taking lots of Gracilis with us. We will also be taking Silverstripe and Cream Stripe (see picture) for you to view and purchase.  These are all clumping bamboo where all the culm (storks) clump together.

Don't forget our free delivery to the market.  If you need any plants, just give us a call and book your plants and we will bring them to our next market free of charge.

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