Thursday, 8 November 2018

Bamboo Creations attending the Bright Rotary Market

bamboo creations victoria are attending the bright rotary market
Bamboo Creations attending the Bright Rotary Market
We are heading up to the magnificent Bright to attend the Bright Rotary Market. We have agreed to attend most of the up and coming markets in Bright with the next one being this Sunday (11th Nov).

This is held in the picturesque town of Bright at the Bright Shopping Centre in Burke Street. The market runs from 9am - 2pm on this Sunday. If you do not get a chance to catch us this Sunday then we will be there again soon (keep an eye on our website for the up and coming dates).

If you come up and visit us this weekend at Bright then you will get an added bonus. This weekend is also the Bright Rod Run. This is a full showcase of classic and custom cars.

Come and say Hi to us at Bamboo Creations up at Bright. Don't forget that Christmas is fast approaching so use this opportunity to start or continue getting ideas or gifts.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

We are part of the Murrumbateman 40th Celebration

bamboo creations victoria are attending the Murrumbateman Field Days event
Bamboo Creations Victoria are attending Murrumbateman
That is right, the Murrumbateman Field Days event is turning 40 and we are going to be part of the celebrations. We are taking our van full of bamboo and heading to Canberra for the massive 2 day event. It is on this weekend (20th - 21st October). 

Murrumbateman is about half way between Yass and Canberra on the Barton Highway. It is held over two days as there are about 500 exhibitors on a 40 acre site (the Murrumbateman recreation grounds).

Our van will be chock a block with plants and other bamboo products (like our high quality bamboo socks, t-shirts and singlets). In addition to Bamboo, we will be taking quite a few native plants that complement our bamboo plants. All the bamboo and other plants that we will be taking will be well suited to the Canberra conditions. Shhhh, we are also taking a very special bamboo. Come and say hi and we will show you why this one is so special.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

The Yarra Valley Plant Fair and Garden Expo

Bamboo Creations Victoria are attending the Yarra Valley plant fair and garden expo
This is a brand new event for Bamboo Creations Victoria and we are very excited. We are attending the Yarra Valley Plant Fair and Garden Expo in November this year. 

The Yarra Valley Plant Fair and Garden Expo will be held on the 17th and 18th November 2018 from 10am to 5pm.  This is a great opportunity for Bamboo Creations Victoria to show off our spectacular Bamboo to a new crowd. It will be located at 125 Quayle Road
Wandin, Victoria 3139. Quayle Road is just off Beenak Road in Wandin. 

At this Plant Fair will be a host of special guests giving talks about different aspects of Plants and Gardening. Come along and learn something new or pick up a bargain. There will also be food trucks to keep up your energy while you wander around this event. 

Come along and say Hi to us at Bamboo Creations Victoria nursery. We have links on our website if you need more information.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Bamboo Creations Victoria markets

Bamboo Creations Victoria attending Berwick and Gisborne markets
Spring is upon us and we are ready for the change of season. Bamboo Creations Victoria attend many different events throughout the year and we are at Gisborne and Berwick next (among others). 

If you are planning your garden and want to talk to professionals about Bamboo then come and say hi. We have been propagating bamboo in Victoria ready for your Victorian garden. If you want to block a building next door then we can suggest a bamboo for that. If you want a stunning looking ornamental bamboo then we can also suggest one that would suit your requirement. Spring is the time to get out into your Garden. Plant your bamboo now and watch it grow. 

The Gisborne market is held on the first Sunday of each month so it is this weekend. The market is situated at the Gisborne Village Shopping Centre, Brantome St, Gisborne, Victoria 3437. 

The Berwick market is situated at Akoonah Park, 3 Cardinia St, Berwick VIC 3806. 

Our website always contains all the markets that we attend. Come along with all your bamboo questions and say hi.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

New Season, New Market

Welcome to winter 2018. If you are a skier then hopefully the snow is just around the corner. Bamboo Creations Victoria is heading to Rutherglen in June to attend the Rutherglen Country Fair. This is a new market for Bamboo Creations so we would love to see everyone up at Rutherglen.

This market will be held on the Sunday of the Queens Birthday long weekend (10th June). The market has been timed so it is part of the Winery Walkabout weekend. Come along and enjoy the walkabout and also visit us at the market. The market has over 300 stalls from food, produce, art and craft, an animal nursery and also lovely plants including Bamboo. There will be lots of music to lighten your mood while you wander around the market. Entertainment includes the Rutherglen Apex Clubs barrel roll and the grape stomp.

The market is held in Main St, Rutherglen, Sunday 10th June from 9am - 3:30pm. Come for a drive on the Queens Birthday long weekend and say Hi.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Bamboo specials at Berwick

Bamboo creations victoria will have bamboo specials at Akoonah Park market
Specials at Akoonh Park Market - Berwick
This weekend (22nd Apr) we are heading down to Berwick for the Akoonah Park market. What is special about this particular event is that we have plants and products on Special. Come along and grab a bargain while speaking with people that live and breathe Bamboo. We propagate and grow bamboo in Victoria for Victorian gardens and conditions. Talk to us about your requirements and we may just have the bamboo you need on special at Berwick.

Bamboo will be starting from $29 for this market only. Our ever so popular Gracilis will be starting from as low as $35. We are even taking our range of bamboo products (socks etc). Most of these products will be 20% off which is just in time for the colder months. Keep your feet warm with our high quality bamboo socks.

The market is held at Akoonah Park which is at

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Bamboo Creations Victoria attending the Farm World event

Bamboo Creations Victoria are attanding the farm world event at Lardner Park
Bamboo Creations Victoria attending Farm World
Farm World is a new event for Bamboo Creations Victoria and we are very excited about attending. This is held at the Lardner Park which is situated at 155 Burnt Store road in Lardner. Lardner is located not far from Drouin off the Princes Highway. We have a link to the farm world website from our site if you need more information.

I was quite surprised to see the exhibitors list. I opened the list to see that the document contained 16 pages of exhibitors. I think this is why you will need 4 days to see everything. The event is held from Thursday 12th April until Sunday 15th April (operating hours are 8:30am - 5pm each day except for Sun which is 8:30 - 4pm). 

There will be everything there to suit all your farming and must-have tool needs. Lots of gardening exhibitors including sustainability gardening and horticulture. Part of the event will be drone innovation and the Farm World equestrian expo. Something to keep everyone happy. And of course, there will be lots of food stalls to keep you sustained so you can last the event. Don't forget to come and say hi to us at Bamboo Creations Victoria.