Tuesday 2 October 2012

Gisborne Market Sunday 7th Oct

We are back to our beloved Gisborne Market this sunday (7th October).  Yes, we will be taking lots of different varieties of bamboo and our statues for you to have a look at and purchase.  It is always good to actually see the different types of bamboo so you can plan your garden. The different types are used for different situations so you need to have all the facts.

To assist you with Bamboo facts we have completed a Bamboo quick reference guide. It is available for you to download via our website info page.  Have a look at the specifications of the different bamboo varieties to assist with planning your garden.  Under the table is a download link so you can print your own copy to make finding the right bamboo easier.  If you still need more information then you can always visit us at one of our markets or expos and we can advise on the best type of bamboo to meet your requriements.

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