Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Flemington Twilight Market

The next market is at Flemington.  This is a twilight market starting from 3pm and going through to 8pm 
(visit our website for more information). 

Due to the time of the year, if you require many plants please ring and we can get them for you. We can then provide free delivery to one of our up and coming markets.  Also, we have a Lay-by service where you can order bamboo and collect them when you are ready.  This is a great service to ensure that you get what you want - when you want it.  We also offer a discount for larger quantities of plants (more than 10).  Please call and discuss your requirements (you may also find that the bamboo you are after is on special). We have many bamboos on special  and we will have then at the Flemington Craft Market 

A Reminder that our bamboo nursery is open to the public 7 days a week. Please call so we can personally show you around at all the different plants that are available. An appointment is required 

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