Wednesday 13 March 2013

Our Nursery is open this weekend

Bamboo range offered by Bamboo Creations victoria
The massive range of bamboo offered by Bamboo Creations
We are available for all your Bamboo Needs.

Not sure why we have called this entry "Our Nursery is open this weekend" as it is open most weekends.  We are here for you with all your Bamboo needs.  We do, however, ask that you call on 1300 654 454 before you come.  This is so we can give you our full attention.  Our nursery has a lot of different varieties of bamboo and we would like to show you the fully range.  You can also ask a lot of questions without other people around.

We have some exciting news: Bamboo Creations will now be exibiting at the Melbourne Internationl Flower Show. We are looking forward to showing some of our stunning plants in a plant lovers environment.

Bamboo Special

We have a special on pygmy bamboo.  The normal price is $15 per plant and we are currently selling them for $10.  If my maths is correct, this is 33% off - yes that is correct a 33% discount on our Pygmy bamboo. Please ring on 1300 654 454 and secure your plants while they are cheap. Our website has information about this plant but basically it is a ground cover spreading bamboo. "Pygmy Bamboo is one of the smallest bamboos that can be planted in many ways as a border or ground cover."


  1. Having the 1300 number is great for me as this is just a local call - great addition to your business.

    1. Hi There
      Thank you so much for your comment
      It's great having the 1300 number it is working very well
      We are making changes to our business all the time to please our clients and veiwers
      Convenience and customer service is something we at Bamboo Creations take proud in
      Thank you

  2. I love this pygmy bamboo, it looks great as a feature in my pots. It grows so fast and so easy to keep. I'll also look out for your display at the International flower show.

    I also agree ,the 1300 number is very useful.


  3. Hi Jason
    Thank you for your comment
    So glad your happy with your Pygmy bamboo
    Pygmy bamboo would be one of the most fastest growing ground cover there is
    it looks great in pots and it can be planted in the ground with root barrier it has a very shallow roots so the root barrier can be less then 30cm in the ground
    We have had Pygmy bamboo on special this month and we have nearly sold out
    Pygmy Bamboo looks great as a border in any garden
    Hope you liked our display at the Melbourne International flower show
    Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you again