Tuesday 18 June 2013

New Photo Gallery for Bamboo Creations Victoria

Bamboo Creations Victoria photo gallery
Bamboo Creations Victoria Photo Gallery
New Photo Gallery to allow many exciting Bamboo photos.

We have changed our bamboo creations photo gallery to allow for many new and exciting photos of bamboo plants and many different gardens.  We will be adding to this gallery on a regular basis so keep an eye on this gallery to see if you can get some gardening ideas from our adventures and other people.

This gallery will allow you to view larger photos by either hovering your mouse over the photos or clicking on each of the photos.  We will try and upload progress shots so you can see different varieties and how they grow. 

Across the top of the photos are the different categories that we have created at this stage.  You can see photos from our visits, customer photos and photos from our markets and expos. Within each of the photo categories are sub headings down the left hand side.  We are aiming to have many different photos of each of the different bamboo varieties.  If you have any photos that you think would look great on our site the please send them through to info@bamboo-plants.com.au.

Have a look and let us know what you think and what you would like to see.

Bamboo Socks

Are bamboo socks are selling well through our site and at the different markets that we attend. If you would like to purchase our socks then go to our website and select the styles, colours and sizes that you would like.  You can either have us post them out to you or you can collect them from one of our markets or at the nursery.  If you are going to collect them, then let us know where and when you would like to pick them up on our shopping cart screen.

The payment facility through the site is totally secure using paypal to give you that extra piece of mind.

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