Monday 14 October 2013

Nursery open this weekend

Bamboo Creations Victoria at Baw Baw garden and home expo
Bamboo Creations Victoria at Baw Baw garden and home expo
Bamboo Creations Victoria at Baw Baw

Wow what at great time at the Baw Baw garden and home expo.  We had a huge number of people visit our store.  The picture on the right is our stall and some of the people that were wandering around, totally enjoying the expo.


Unfortunately we are unable to attend the Woodend market this weekend.  We have removed this from our website (don't forget to keep and eye on our website as it has all the events that we are attending over the next few months).

However, we will have more time at our nursery for you to visit and view our large range of wonderful bamboo plants.  Come along with your garden plan and lots of bamboo related questions. 

Christmas is just around the corner so why not view our other bamboo related products.  Bamboo socks (you may say - not socks again) but these socks are high quality so your gift recipient will thank you for the comfort. We also have other bamboo products like singlet and mens trunks.

If you do purchase a bamboo plant from us then take photos of the different stages of its growth and send them to us.  We love to see our plants shining in your garden.  We love the different progress shots to show others how fast this plant grows.  Send them to us and we may put them on this blog or on our website.

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