Sunday 16 March 2014

Plant Fair at Lanyon Homestead Canberra

Bamboo Creations Victoria at Lanyon Homestead Canberra
Bamboo Creations Victoria is heading to Canberra this weekend (22nd & 23rd March) to be part of the Plant Fair at the Historic Lanyon Homestead.  The address of this event is Tharwa Dve, Tharwa. From Canberra head south along Tuggeranong Parkway/Drakeford Drive. Turn right onto Tharwa Dve, follow signs to Lanyon Homestead.

There will be a large number of exhibitors, displaying and selling many different types of plants.  Bamboo Creations will be taking a large amount of bamboo plants. 

In addition to plant exhibitors, the plant fair has other activities from speakers to tours of the homestead (established in the 1840s). The following is a sample of some of the talks: Bulbs, the how, why and wherefore of bulks. Feeding your soil, not your plants. Good garden design, some basic principles. Our website has a link to the Plant Fair website which has a program of the different activities and talks.

Interesting Fact

The Bamboo stem or trunk is also called a Culm. The definition of culm is: culm, in botanical context, originally referred to a stem of any type of plant. It is derived from the Latin word for 'stalk' (culmus) and now specifically refers to the above-ground or aerial stems of grasses and sedges.

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