Sunday 28 September 2014

Bamboo Creations off to South Australia

Bamboo Creations Victoria nursery nepalese blue bamboo 1 year apart. Planting progress photos of nepalese blue bamboo.
Nepalese Blue Bamboo progress photos
Customer Bamboo Progress Photos

Before we talk about South Australia, we just wanted to show you these progress photos of a Nepalese Blue Bamboo.  These two photos are 1 year apart and you can see how much it has grown.  This is a stunning plant and has enhanced the garden in just 1 year.  if you would like a closer look at these photos then jump across to our website as they have been loaded in the photo gallery (Eltham Nepalese Blue). Thank you for your photos.  Please keep these fantastic bamboo progress photos coming in as it is great to see how these plants have been used and how well they grow.

Plant fair at Al-Ru Farm - South Australia

The Bamboo Creations nursery is heading over to South Australia this weekend for the plant fair at Al-Ru farm.  This is an Open Garden event which means that you can browse through the different exhibitors while enjoying the surrounding gardens. The 10 acres of the Al-Ru farm surrounding the homestead has been nurtured into gardens reminiscent of the French country side. The garden should be awash with pink silene, lime green euphorbias, campanulas and crabapples, and Bellis perennis will adorn the wild garden. 

The location of this event is: Al-Ru Farm, One Tree Hill Rd, One Tree Hill (Garden at T-junction of Black Top & One Tree Hill Rds). The fair will be open Sun 5th - Mon 6th Oct from 10am-4pm daily.  Come along and say hi.

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