Tuesday 2 December 2014

Say goodbye to next door building - Gracilis Bamboo in action

The picture on the right is a very clever use of the Gracilis Bamboo Plant.  This has already started to cover the 2 storey building next door.  The building will soon be blocked leaving a beautiful green screen.  This particular plant was planted in Aug 2013, these photos were taken in Aug 2014, so it has only been a year to start the blocking process.

Bambusa Textilis var. Gracilis or commonly known as Slender Weavers bamboo is a fast growing clumping type of bamboo.
Gracilis bamboo has a maximum height of approximately 8 metres which will be perfect for this situation to hide the next door building.  The lower leaves of this bamboo have been trimmed to keep the base slim and the top bushy for where it is needed the most.

We thank this customer for sending us these fantastic shots.  We have also put them up in our gallery on our website so have a good look how these plants have been used.

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