Wednesday 4 February 2015

Clever uses of Nepalese Blue

Clever use of Nepalese Blue in house design
Nepalese Blue Bamboo as a green wall
People are using Bamboo in really amazing and innovative ways.  The picture on the right shows how people in Bendigo have brought the outside in.  They have created a glass panel looking out to a lovely green screen outside (clever as this will be green without needing painting). These pictures also show the growth rate of this stunning bamboo as these were planted in 2013. So in no time, all you will be able to see from the inside is green.

Nepalese Blue bamboo is the common name for Himalayacalamus Porcatus Bamboo.  This is a clumping type of bamboo with a maximum height of about 4 metres.  This bamboo gets its common name from the fact that the canes have a fantastic blue colour (refer to picture below).

Nepalese blue canes and picture of Nepalese blue clump

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