Monday 16 March 2015

Candy cane bamboo going to Canberra

Candy cane bamboo from Bamboo Creations victoria
Candy cane bamboo going to Canberra Collectors Plant Fair
Look at the colour of the Candy Cane bamboo culms. This type of bamboo is perfect for the Canberra Collectors Plant Fair as it is quite rare within Australia. 

The botanical name for this stunning bamboo is
Himalayacalamus falconeri Damarapa. It can tolerate temperatures down to approx -9 degrees which would suit the Canberra frosts and colder weather.  It is a clumping type of bamboo as shown in the picture on the right. It has a maximum height of approximately 5 metres.  All the details about this bamboo are on our website.  You can use the following link to go directly to the candy cane page:

People are obviously getting the message about the free delivery of our products to our expos and other events as we are taking quite a few orders up to Canberra.  If you would also like to take advantage of this offer then give us a ring on 1300 654 454.

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