Monday 15 June 2015

Bamboo Clothing has started on our Website

Bamboo Clothing now available on the Bamboo Creations Victoria website
Bamboo Clothing now available
Bamboo Clothing - Knitwear

We have now altered our website to include bamboo clothing in the online store.  At this stage we only have bamboo knitwear - duster jackets but more are on the way very shortly.

The Bamboo Duster Jacket is a essential light layering piece with an open front, shawl collar, long sleeves and a gently tapered waist to give more shape.  This is made from 95% Bamboo, 3% Cashmere and 2% Wool.

To allow for all the new products that are on the way, we have changed the navigation for our website.  There is now an option called products which will list all the different products that are available.  This will therefore grow over the coming weeks so keep your eye on our site. (Note if your do not see this correctly then try and refresh your webpage using the curly arrow on your address bar at the top of the screen).

Next Market

Our next market that we are attending is at Berwick on the 28th June so would love to see you there.


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