Friday 28 August 2015

Alphonse Karr

Knowing how your bamboo was propagated.
Be sure you are buying healthy propagated mother stock for true to form bamboo.
Alphonse Karr is a clumping varieties and it is one of the many favourite bamboos. because of its rapid growth, it's beautiful new culms that come out pinkish then turn lemon yellow with green stripes with emerald leaves Perfect for a hedge, Full sun, Frost tolerant, At full height it will get to 4 m high Can be trimmed to any height or thin out by removing canes and bottom leaves so that you can see the beautiful colour canes. Growing habits vase shape.
See shots below from locally grown propagated stock and Alphonse growing nicely in Riddells Creek Victoria  

Alphonse Karr Cutting by Bamboo Creations Nursery 
 Alphonse Karr,
Alphonse Karr June 2012 

Alphonse Karr, Aug 2011

Alphonse Karr, Aug 2011
Alphonse Karr Dec 2007

Alphonse Karr, Aug 2011
Alphonse Karr, May 2008

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