Sunday 4 October 2015

Horticultural and Garden Festival this weekend

Bamboo Creations at the Horticultural & Garden Festival
The huge 3 day Horticultural and Garden Festival is on this weekend at the Melbourne Showgrounds. It is running from 10am to 5pm on Fri and Sat and 10am to 4pm on Sun. The focus of this festival is Growing, Gardening and Cooking.

Bamboo Creations Victoria will be at this event showing the power of Bamboo.  This is such a versatile plant with many uses from screening out neighbouring buildings to creating a living green fence.  This is different from other screening plants due to the speed in which it grows. Within a couple of years it can grow to a point of providing privacy.  Take for example GRACILIS This is a very popular bamboo and can reach a maximum height of about 8 metres. It is a clumping type of bamboo that can be used as a wind or privacy screen.  It can even be trimmed into a fantastic green hedge.  We have seen this plant used in many different ways. Have a look at our photo gallery on our website to see how other people have used Gracilis and other types of Bamboo:

The festival has many different exhibitors and a schedule of speakers.  The speakers will be speaking on many different topics.  A very special talk will be taking place at 3:30 on Friday as Garry from Bamboo Creations Victoria will be talking - "Bamboo in the landscape and its many uses".

We will bringing our van full of different types of bamboo and other bamboo related products. Come along and say G'Day.

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