Monday 15 February 2016

Customer Gold Stripe bamboo photos

Gold Stripe Bamboo progress photos

During the week we received a lovely email from one of our customers with a few progress bamboo photos.

"Please see 3 photo’s of our Gold Stripe bamboo plants in our backyard that we purchased from yourselves at Bamboo Creations Victoria.
We are extremely excited with how the Gold Stripe has taken in our backyard in Hillside, as you can see by the 3 photos taken in Oct 2014, then Oct 2015 and then in Feb 2016 we have had terrific growth in just over a 12 month period. 
The first four bamboo you see was planted in October 2014 and the 2nd four were planted in January 2015, you can even see by the 2nd and 3rd photo’s how much the 2nd set of four have grown in the past 4 months alone
Will see you on Saturday as we plan on coming to purchase More bamboo for our front yard.
Thank you and regards   CRAIG & DANA"

Thank you Graig and Dana for taking the time to take these fantastic photos and sending them to us.  These have also been put into our photo gallery on our website.

Don't forget that the big Seymour Field Days event is this week. Visit our website if you would like more information on this 3 day event.

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