Monday 18 April 2016

Soft Womens Bamboo Long Sleeve T-Shirts

bamboo creations victoria now have womens long sleeve t-shirts on sale online
Bamboo Creations long sleeve bamboo women's t-shirts
This weekend is the ANZAC day long weekend so our hours have slightly changed. Our hours for this weekend are: Sat 9am-4pm, Sun 10am-4pm and Mon (ANZAC day) 1pm-4pm. Our website has been altered to reflect the change in nursery opening hours in case you need more information.

We have now introduced soft and comfy Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirts to our website. These come in both black and white in a variety of sizes. Be prepared for the cooler months with these high quality t-shirts. Long Sleeve T-Shirts:

As these t-shirts are made from bamboo fibre all the same anti-bacterial properties apply. Tests have shown that bacteria on bamboo fibre decreases over time to help reduce the body odour from these products. So when the products are worn against the skin they adsorb sweat and then the anti-bacterial properties of the fibre kick in to keep the bacteria in check.

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