Friday 2 June 2017

Planting Bamboo in the winter

Bamboo creations victoria have gracilis bamboo on special over winter 2017
Gracilis on special at Bamboo Creations Victoria
Winter is now upon us and some people find it a struggle to get out into the garden from the warmth of the house. If this is the case then those bamboo specials from Bamboo Creations Victoria can remain in the pot until the weather gets better. Bamboo needs to be kept moist so don't forget to water the plants, maybe every second day. Once spring then comes around, you can get back out into the garden and plant all those lovely bamboo that you have accumulated over the winter period.

Speaking of specials, Bamboo Creations Victoria have Gracilis on special. Give us a ring or come and visit the Nursery (please check the website in case we have had to change our hours - thank you). If you ring and order over the phone we still have the deal where you can collect the plants for free from one of our events that we attend.

New events have been loaded onto the website. Check it out so you can plan your next few months. Don't forget to come and say Hi.

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