Tuesday 26 March 2019

Gracilis on sale & Autumn bamboo watering tips

Bamboo creations have Gracilis on special. Gracilis bamboo can block a neighbors house in a short time.
The wonderful Gracilis bamboo - Undisputed king of bamboo
As mentioned in the previous blog post now is a great time to plant bamboo. Get it in the ground before winter sets in. The ground is still nice and warm bringing out the shoots and establishing the bamboo in the ground. Shoots will continue to appear until winter. 

As the ground and the weather is still a little warm, don't forget to keep the water up to your bamboo plants. 

Bamboo watering tips
  • Bamboo loves the water and it is best to give them a smaller drink on a regular basis.
  • If the sun is shining then give them a little more
  • If it has been raining then you can give them a little less.
  • If the leaves are curling or you see brown tips on the leaves then give them a little more.
Here is a rough guide to bamboo watering.
  • Small bamboo - 1 min twice per day
  • Medium bamboo - 1 min twice per day 
  • Large bamboo - 10 min twice per day
  • Extra Large bamboo - 10 min twice per day.
Just to give you an extra intensive, we have our Gracilis bamboo on special for this weekend only. 14cm pots only $35 and 20cm pots only $45. The minimum order is 5 so give us a call on 
1300 654 454 and order today. We are open all weekend to make it even easier to pick up this bargain. Also, we are around to answer all your bamboo questions.

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