Tuesday 12 November 2019

Pre Christmas bamboo SALE

Bamboo creations victoria have gracilis and goldstripe bamboo on sale prior to Christmas 2019
Gracilis and Goldstripe on Sale at B.C.V.
Christmas and Summer are fast approaching. If you are looking at either gifting Bamboo or you need some new Bamboo for your Garden then now is the time. We have a couple of great specials on now for a limited time. 

Gracilis in 20cm pots on sale now from only $40.00ea Gracilis is a fast-growing bamboo that can block neighbouring buildings. This can be cut to any height to form a beautiful green screen/hedge. This Bamboo is so versatile it is one of our best sellers.

Goldstripe in 20cm pots on sale now from only $40.00ea Goldstripe, as the name suggests, has lovely gold striped culms. This can grow up to about 3 metres. Once again this can create a year round green screen to block unwanted views.

These specials are on now but will only last for a couple of weeks (or until sold out). So give us a ring, come and visit us at our nursery or say G'day at one of our many events. Our website has all the details of the nursery (including opening hours) and the up and coming markets and other events.

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