Monday 24 May 2021

Bamboo Creations Victoria is back to Berwick

Bamboo creations victoria attending Berwick akoonah park market.
By popular demand Bamboo Creations is back at Akoonah park market on the 6th June. We will be taking along our normal truck full of all the goodies that you would expect from Bamboo Creations Victoria. We will have many different varieties of Bamboo and other trees and shrubs. Get your plants in the ground and let nature give it a good watering ready for Spring and Summer. 

Delivery specials on the 6th June.

We are going back to Berwick and have decided to give you all in the eastern suburbs a reward. If you would like one of our plants then we have free delivery to the market on the 6th June. Just give us a call beforehand and place your order then we will take these to the market for you to pick up free of charge. In addition to this, we have also decided to give Berwick residents a little bonus. If you order over $300 of our plants and you live in Berwick then we will deliver to your door for free (on the 6th June). It does not stop there, if you are in the Eastern or South Eastern suburbs (outside of Berwick) and you order over $300 of our plants then we will deliver your plants for a low $20.

If you are outside of the Eastern suburbs then we still have a special for you. We are currently offering a $50 flat delivery fee for all metropolitan deliveries. 

If you are wanting a few plants then take advantage of our delivery specials. Give us a call on 1300 654 454 or visit our webpage: Our website has recently been updated with all of our up an coming markets. Would love to see you all at one in the future. Happy planting.

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