Tuesday 30 July 2013

Change to our Shopping Cart - Yea !!

Free postage for 3 or more Bamboo Socks
Shopping Cart change

We have been working hard to make our shopping cart easier and cheaper.  We have now changed the system to make postage FREE if you select 3 or more bamboo fibre products.  Yes that is correct, if you have 3 or more socks, singlets or trunks postage is free.  Play around with our shopping cart screen to see how this works.  

Once you have put an item (or items) into the cart, visit the shopping cart screen. Put in your postcode and then play with the quantities to see what happens with the postage amount.  You still have the ability to come and pick them up from our nursery or we will bring them to a market free of charge for you.  If you use this option then please put in some details about the market or when you would like to pick them up from the nursery.

Remember, we still also offer a free delivery service for our bamboo to any of our markets and expos.  Just ring during the week and we will bring to a market of your choice.

Gisborne this week.

We are back to the Gisborne market this weekend (Sun 4th August).  This is located at the Corner of Aitken & Hamilton St in Gisborne.  This is listed on our website.  We have changed the events down the left hand side to turn them into links.  You can now click on an event down the left hand side and it will now take you to our location page at the market you have selected.  This is handy to find our more information about the market you are interested in.  


Just over 30 days to start of spring for all those gardeners that are hanging out for the spring growing season.

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