Tuesday 23 July 2013

Spring is approaching !!

Emerald Goddess
Change of Season

Spring is now less than 40 days away.  Now is the time to start planning or planting ready for spring to arrive.  If you plant bamboo now it will have time for the roots to talk hold.  The next month is a busy time for Bamboo Creations as people want our bamboo ready for the spring planting season.  If you are thinking about your garden then please give us a call and we can assist you in choosing the correct bamboo and the best time to purchase and plant.

Changes to our website

We are always trying to change our website to make things easier for people and give you more information and products.  We have added new photos in the customer photo gallery.  In our gallery we are trying to add each bamboo variety in different stages of growth so you can see how other people have used this wonderful plant and how quickly it grows.  If you have something that we can use, please email it to us and we will either insert on this blog or put up on our website.
Finding healthy grass in our paddock

To make finding us easier at one of our many markets, we have turned the events down the left hand side into links.  If you click on a market in our events list, it will take you to our locations page at the market you clicked on.  This will give you more information about the market including the address and a link to the actual market's webpage.

We have also included opening hours on the home page.  It is always a great idea to call first to let us know that you are coming (Ph: 1300 654 454).  We can then ensure that you have our full attention as there is a lot to look at.  The picture to the right are people that have visited our nursery and found a very healthy grass - it is amazing what you can find.


If you cannot come to our nursery then we are more than happy to take your order to one of our markets free of charge.  Just give us a call on 1300 654 454.

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