Monday 30 September 2013

Bamboo Creations at Al-Ru Farm

Bamboo Creations heading to Al-Ru Farm, S.A.

Bamboo creations nursery at Al-Ru Farm plant fair
Bamboo Creations Victoria heading to Al-Ru Farm S.A.
Bamboo Creations Nursery are heading over to South Australia to be part of the plant fair at Al-Ru Farm.  

This is a gardeners delight with many plant nurseries selling different types of plants (including fabulous bamboo).  The plant fair is held in the magnificent gardens of Al-Ru Farm which has been created by Ruth Irving.  According to the Open Gardens website, the surrounds should be awash with pink silene, lime green euphorbias, campanulas and crabapples, and Bellis perennis.  

We will be taking our normal van full of different bamboo plants for you to look at and purchase.  Our Cream Stripe is one in particular that we are currently stocking and look great. Botanical name:  Bambusa albo minor, Common name: Cream Stipe. Cream Stripe is a clumping type of bamboo that will grow to about 6 metres. These have a beautiful cream stripe down the culms (hence the common name: Cream Stripe). Can be used to create a beautiful living wall. It is very dense so will make a great block or screen.  Talk to us about this an our other bamboo varieties.

So you can get the most out of the plant fair, a plant creche has been provided so you do not miss out on that special plant and the whole fair experience.

The plant fair is held at One Tree Hill Rd, One Tree Hill, South Australia.  It is open: 10am-4.30pm. $9.00, no charge for children under 18.  The following is a link to more details about the plant fair:

See you all at the fair.

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