Monday 23 September 2013

Gracilis, Gracilis!!

Henty Field Days a success

bamboo creations victoria at henty field days market
Bamboo Creations Victoria at Henty Field Days
We had a great time up at Henty and sold lots of bamboo products.  Our bamboo socks, bamboo trunks and our bamboo singlets were a big hit.  People purchased these through the stall and some came back to purchase more through the website.

Our website offers many different bamboo products with more coming.  Our bamboo socks, trunks and singlet have our 3 for postage free offer.  If you buy 3 or more bamboo products then postage will be free.  You can also bundle them with your bamboo purchase and have then delivered free to one of our up and coming markets.

This Weekend

Come and visit us at our nursery this weekend as we have a little extra time due to no markets or expos this weekend.  We have a large range of bamboo for you to have a look at.  We have plenty of Gracilis and others for you to look at and buy.  Come armed with load of bamboo related questions.

Bambusa Textilis gracilis 

bamboo creations victoria gracilis used as a hedge
Gracilis bamboo used as a hedge
Common name - Slender Weavers bamboo or Botanical name - Bambusa Textilis var. gracilis is sometimes known as the king of bamboo due to its fast growth.  Look at the photo on the left.  Gracilis can be cut to any height to give a fantastic green hedge, screen or wind break.

Gracilis is a clumping type of bamboo with a height of 6 to 8 metres.  This can be cut back to any height so you can control how it grows or what it screens.  It can be planted in narrow garden beds to hedge along your driveway or other position to get a fast green hedge or specimen plant.

Our website has more information and specifications about this wonderful bamboo. Click this link to take directly to our Gracilis page - For more information please call 1300 65 44 54

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