Sunday 24 November 2013

Order now for Christmas and Gisborne market this weekend

Bamboo creations victoria lucky bamboo xmas present
Lucky Bamboo as Christmas Kris Kringle present.
Order now for Christmas

Christmas is now only 4 weeks away. If you are looking at bamboo for Christmas this year then please put in your order early especially if you need delivery of your purchase.

Bamboo can make a fantastic Christmas present. The picture on the right is lucky bamboo.  These can make a great Christmas Kris Kringle presents or a living present for your work colleagues or team mates.  Have a look through our website as we have many bamboo related products.  Also, look into our bamboo fibre products like bamboo socks and singlets. These are high quality products. Your team mates or family members will really thank you as they will be able to feel the difference to the other products currently in the shops.  You can order these socks and singlets through our website.  Don't forget that if you order 3 or more then you will get free postage.

Gisborne Market this weekend

The Gisborne market is one again this weekend and we will be taking our van full of bamboo products to this market.  These markets are great for getting all those Christmas presents or at least getting a lot of ideas.  If you order your bamboo during this week then we can bring your order to this market.


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