Monday 2 December 2013

Cream stripe bamboo and new markets

Bambusa Albo Minor or cream striped bamboo
Cream Stripe bamboo in different sized pots
Cream Stripe bamboo
(Botanical name: Bambusa Albo Minor)

We have updated our Cream Stripe information on our website.  We have loaded new photos on this page to show you the beautiful Cream Stripe bamboo established in a garden.  The established plants show the cream stripe down the culms which give this fantastic bamboo its common name.  We have also loaded pictures of this bamboo in different sized pots (like the picture on the right).  You can find all the information by clicking on this link:

New Markets

We have updated our website to include all the markets we are attending in Jan, Feb and Mar 2014.  This will help you do your planning over the Christmas and New year periods.

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