Monday 20 October 2014

Oldhamii bamboo on special

Bamboo creations oldhamii bamboo in st kilda
Oldhamii in retained wall in St Kilda Melbourne
Oldhamii is on Special.

Oldhamii: Our Oldhamii bamboo (botanical name: Dendrocalamopsis oldhamii, common name: Speedy Screen).  This is a fast growing bamboo that is great to screen out a building or to create a green screen like the photo to the right.  This plant has been grown as a screen along a driveway retaining wall.  This is growing in St Kilda in Melborne.

Oldhamii is an upright tropical clumping bamboo.  This has a maximum height of approx 12metres so will create a fantastic green screen or wind break.

Our Oldhamii is now on special until sold out.  We are selling tall plants in a 20cm pot for just $39.  If you would like some of these plants but are not totally ready for them then we can store them for you for up to 6 weeks.  We can also bring them with us to one of our next markets.  Give us a call and we can discuss your requirements.

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