Wednesday 29 October 2014

Khasia bamboo or botanical Drepanostachyum Khasianum

Khasia bamboo from bamboo creations victoria nursery
Khasia bamboo from Bamboo Creations Nursery
Before we talk about Khasia bamboo, just to let you know that the nursery will be open this Saturday from 9am to 5pm. You do not need an appointment so come along and see our fabulous range.  However, this Sunday we will appreciate a call before you come as we will also be at the Gisborne market.

Now lets get down to business. Khasia bamboo or botanical name Drepanostachyum Khasianum is a very hardy and drought tolerant bamboo . This is a clumping type of bamboo.

Khasia bamboo has a beautiful lime green glossy foliage. The canes have a distinctive white and purple ring around the internodes.This bamboo has a maximum height of approximately 4 metres with clump diameter of about 1 metre.  If you would like more information then please visit our website. This link will take you to this wonderful bamboo page:

Come along on Sunday to the Gisborne market as we will have a few of these plants for you to look at and purchase.

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