Thursday 6 November 2014

Bambusa Textilis var. Gracilis or Slender Weaver Bamboo

Gracilis bamboo in pots from Bamboo Creations nursery victoria
Gracilis in pots ready for your garden
In this blog post we are looking at the Gracilis bamboo or commonly known as Slender Weavers bamboo. The botanical name for Gracilis is Bambusa Textilis var. Gracilis.

All of our bamboo has fascinating properties and beauty but Gracilis is one of the most popular bamboo.  This would be due to being an all green, very upright bamboo so it has its lovely green colour all year around.  You can therefore use this to screen out neighboring buildings or to create a green screen/fence.

Gracilis is a clumping type of bamboo with a maximum height of about 6 metres. If you use this bamboo for a screen or fence then you can prune it to keep it in the shape that you are after. To give it the space that it needs, we suggest that you plant these approx 1-1.5 metres apart. It is tight clumping and can be planted in narrow spaces but if you are  planting along a fence that is less then 500m then you may want to use a root barrier so it does not grown into the neighbours side of the fence.

When you first plant this bamboo, it prefers plenty of water. Once established it then become more drought tolerant but it is always a good idea to keep it nice and moist to avoid discolouring the culms.

We are always there to help with bamboo choice and suggestions on where and how to plant these magnificent bamboo.  We can give you information about the planting procedure to ensure that you give this bamboo the best possible start in your garden.  For more information on gracilis please visit our website or click on this link - . If you do plant one of our bamboo we also appreciate progress photos as we love to see how they are being used and their growth.

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