Monday 4 February 2013

New phone number for Bamboo Creations Victoria

Dendrocalamopsis oldhamii from bamboo creations victoria
Dendrocalamopsis Oldhamii
To make buying Bamboo much easier we now have a new phone number - 1300 654 454. You can now phone this 1300 number or dial our mobile, which ever is easier for you.  Our new phone number has now been put up on our website so you do not have to remember if (or you can put into your phone contacts).

February Special:
The special for February (according to the frog on the website) is Oldhamii.  You can now get a good price for Oldhamii in 20cm pots.  Give us a ring to ask about our oldhamii special.  Oldhamii (full name: Dendrocalamopsis Oldhamii) is also know as Speedy Screen. This is known as speedy screen due to its fast growing properties. It can basically block out a 2 story house in about 3 year.

Bamboo Fibre Socks
Don't forget about our bamboo fibre socks.  They are a very high quality socks that feel great to wear. We currently have a special on these socks - Adults socks 2 for $25 and Kids socks 2 for $15. Bamboo fibre socks come in many different styles, sizes and colours.

This weekend (9th and 10th Feb) we are at Violet Town on Saturday and Mornington on Sunday.  As normal, we will be taking lots of different varieties for you to have a look at.  Ask about the suitablilty of the different varieties in your garden. So we can perform our nursery planning, if you are wanting to visit our nursery this weekend, please ring ahead of time and we will ensure we are available for you and give you our full attention (you can even try our new phone number 1300 654 454). Also, if you are wanting several bamboo plants you can always ring during the week and we will have them available for you to collect at one of these markets (free of charge). 

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