Sunday 24 February 2013

Plant Fair at Flint Hill, Woodend

Bamboo Creations at Cruden Farm Open Garden 2012
Bamboo Creations at Cruden Farm Open Garden 2012
2 Day Plant Fair
Plant Lovers Take Note - 2 days of plant fair at woodend where you can look at and purchase most types of interesting and unusual plants.  The Plant fair has approx 40 different exhibiters (including Bamboo Creations Victoria) where you can view plants, talk to the experts and even buy different types of plants.  Don't worry about carrying your plants around all day as you can utilise the plant creche. You can then keep looking around or stop for a refreshment.  Bamboo Creations will be taking our normal vast array of bamboo plants (check out the picture to the right - you can hardly see our tent with all the different types of plants we take). In addition to the exhibitors, the plant fair offers many guest speakers to increase your own knowledge of plants and gardens.

Our Bamboo Plant Nursery

Our bamboo nursery is located in Riddells Creek Victoria and is open to the public.  However, so we can give you 100% of our attention we ask that you ring first for an appointment.  Normally you can get an appointment on the same day but we need to plan our time to ensure that the customer gets everything they came for.  You can try our new phone number 1300 654 454 or call our mobile on 0411 465 652.To make your Bamboo Plant buying easier we are able to accept most types of payment methods. Our website lists all the different types available.

Bamboo Plant Facts

Our website has the specifications of the different types of bamboo that we stock.  It also has lots of information about bamboo that people would find interesting.  Here are a few facts about bamboo taken from our website information page.
Bamboo plants Melbourne logo frog | buy bamboo plants
  • Bamboo is a grass with a woody stock
  • There are over 1250 species growing around the world
  • Absorbs almost 5 times more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and produces 35% more oxygen then any tree
  • Some bamboos can grow a metre a day, quickest growing screen or hedging plant
  • Beautiful ornamentals
  • Control erosion
  • Drought tolerant

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