Monday 11 February 2013

Seymour Alternative Farming Expo

This Weekend at Seymour Farming Expo

Bamboo Creations Victoria at Violet Town Market
Bamboo Creations Victoria are going to the Seymour Farming Expo (Tallarook st, Seymour).  This is a massive expo running over 3 days (Fri 15th, Sat 16th and Sun 17th Feb).  The expo has over 450 exhibitors and according to their website, have over 45,000 people attend. In addition to the many different exhibitors and stalls, there is a complete range of lectures presented by different associations and experts. So in this way you can pick up what you need and also some invaluable knowledge.

Bamboo Creations Victoria will be taking our huge range of bamboo plants for you to have a look at and purchase.  Talk to us about your bamboo requirements to ensure that you plant the correct bamboo in the correct position.  We will also be taking our statue range including a few new statues.

The locations page on our website (Bamboo Creations locations) has a link to the farming expo website.  Sign on and check out everything so you can plan your visit (don't forget to drop in on us and say Hello).

Markets for April have now been put up on our website to assist with your market planning.

New Products

For some time we have been stocking and selling bamboo fibre socks.  Bamboo fibre has wonderful anti-backterial and anti-odour qualities that are perfect for socks.  These are very high quality.  We are now stocking and selling Mens Underwear and Mens & Womens Singlets.  These are also made out of the same high quality, anti-bacterial and anti-odour bamboo fibre as the socks.  Feel the difference.

New Phone Number

Do not forget about our new phone number 1300 654 454.  This has been created for the people that do not feel comfortable ringing a mobile phone. We are trying to simplify your bamboo experience.

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