Sunday, 3 May 2020

Planting bamboo through the seasons

Planting bamboo can be performed in any season. Here is a brief discussion of each of the seasons. 

We are just about to head into winter. A popular question we get is "can bamboo be planted in Winter". The answer is Yes. Bamboo loves water. If you plant bamboo in winter then it has time to develop a strong root system. 

Don't really expect too much growth during winter but it is getting ready for the warmer months.  However, this is not necessarily the rule. Some bamboo has been known to grow during winter in some suburbs. 

Planting in spring is great for everyone (including the plant). The weather is getting warmer and it is a great time to be outside. Don't forget bamboo loves water so now is a good time to feed and mulch your plants.

If bamboo is planted prior to summer and has a strong root system then this is the time Bamboo will thrive and create new shoots. Keep up your watering and new culms will appear. In Melbourne, culms will appear in Spring and Summer. If planting in Summer then keep an eye on your new plant as it will probably need watering on a regular basis.

Autumn is a great time to plant bamboo. The ground would still be warm from summer and new shoots will emerge. Keep your bamboo moist and mulched.

Most bamboo will tolerate Victoria's frosty winters. If you live in a particularly frosty area and you have chosen a more vulnerable bamboo (like Ghost bamboo) then there are products on the market that may help. Agrobest has a product called Envy.  This product forms a semi permeable, biodegradable film which protect plants from climate extremes.

In short, bamboo prefers the warmer months but will not die off during the colder months. This is the time that they will build a strong structure underground.

Take advantage of Bamboo Creations winter sales.
Bamboo Creations have sales during winter. If you purchase one of our plants during winter but find it too cold to be outside then it can stay in its pot temporarily. 

Don't forget we have over 17 years of experience in Bamboo and would love the opportunity to give you some of our knowledge. Please give us a call, come to our nursery or meet us at one of our markets or expos.

Happy planting.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Pre Christmas bamboo SALE

Bamboo creations victoria have gracilis and goldstripe bamboo on sale prior to Christmas 2019
Gracilis and Goldstripe on Sale at B.C.V.
Christmas and Summer are fast approaching. If you are looking at either gifting Bamboo or you need some new Bamboo for your Garden then now is the time. We have a couple of great specials on now for a limited time. 

Gracilis in 20cm pots on sale now from only $40.00ea Gracilis is a fast-growing bamboo that can block neighbouring buildings. This can be cut to any height to form a beautiful green screen/hedge. This Bamboo is so versatile it is one of our best sellers.

Goldstripe in 20cm pots on sale now from only $40.00ea Goldstripe, as the name suggests, has lovely gold striped culms. This can grow up to about 3 metres. Once again this can create a year round green screen to block unwanted views.

These specials are on now but will only last for a couple of weeks (or until sold out). So give us a ring, come and visit us at our nursery or say G'day at one of our many events. Our website has all the details of the nursery (including opening hours) and the up and coming markets and other events.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

A few big weekends of Events and Expos

bamboo creations victoria attending gippsland garden and home expo and murrumbateman field days and yarra valley plant and garden expo
B.C.V. attending 3 massive two day events
That is correct, we have a few weekends of massive events. The first is at Gippsland for the Gippsland Garden and Home Expo. The second is at Canberra for the Murrumbateman Field Days and then we have the Yarra Valley Plant Fair and Garden Expo. All these events are so big they all need to run over 2 days (Sat and Sun).

This weekend is at Gippsland. The Garden and Home Expo is held at Lardner Park in Warragul. Sat 12th Oct from 9am - 4pm and Sun 13th Oct from 9am - 3pm. There will be over 150 displays and exhibitors with a range of guest speakers as well.

The next event is at Canberra. The Murrumbateman Field Days event is held in the Murrumbateman recreational grounds. Sat 19th Oct from 8am - 5pm and Sun 20th Oct from 8am - 4pm. Murrumbateman is about 40 km from Canberra on the Barton Highway.

The third massive event is the Yarra Valley Plant Fair and Garden Expo. This is held at 125 Quayle Road, Wandin. Sat 26th Oct from 10am - 5pm and Sun Oct from 10am - 5pm. Once again this is a huge event with lots of exhibitors and guest speakers. 

Come along to one or all these events and say G-day. Spring is a wonderful time for gardens and gardeners. You will come away from these events with a little more knowledge or just some extra plants or products that will enhance your garden just that little bit more. If you need more information about these events then visit our website as we have links to the other sites.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Bamboo Creations heading to N.S.W.

That is correct, this weekend we are taking our van full of wonderful bamboo plants/products and heading up to the Kariong Plant Lovers Fair. Kariong is in the N.S.W. central coast just near Gosford. It is held in the Kariong Mountains High School. The plant fair is a 2 day event running from 8am - 4pm on Saturday 28th Sep and 9am - 3pm on Sunday 29th Sep.

As this is a plant lovers fair we are taking a couple of very special Bamboo. The first is a new edition to our website - Doll Blue or Bambusa Dolichomerithalla cv. Blue. The other is another new bamboo that we have never taken to an event before. This is Java Black. Come and say Hi and see this wonderful bamboo with its stunning black canes. This is a very versatile bamboo as the canes are often used in construction or in musical instruments.

If you are in the central coast area this weekend then please come and see us with all your bamboo questions.  

Monday, 19 August 2019

Maindample/Mansfield this weekend

Bamboo creations victoria are attending the Maindample plant and garden sale in August 2019
Bamboo Creations Victoria attending Maindample Plant Sale
One for all the plant and garden lovers out there. We are attending the Maindample Plant and Garden sale this weekend. Maindample is towards Mansfield (but not quite there). It is held in the CFA shed in the main street of Maindample. We will be taking along our big Bamboo van full of bamboo goodies. Spring is nearly upon us so now it the time to get things ready for the wonderful spring weather.

There will be plenty of raffles drawn throughout the day with all prizes garden related. You may walk away with more than a few bargains. There will also be food and coffee vans so you can have a bit of a rest in the lovely country surrounds.

Come and say Hi to Bamboo Creations Victoria at Maindample. Remember to bring all your bamboo related questions with you as we would love to have a chat about your requirements.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Bamboo Creations Victoria is attending the Yea Garden Expo

Bamboo Creations Victoria attending the Yea Garden Expo in september 2019
Bamboo Creations Victoria attending the Yea Garden Expo
We have added a brand new market to our growing list of markets and expos. We will be attending the Yea Garden Expo on the 21st and 22nd of September 2019. This is a massive 2 day event in the Yea Saleyards which is on 1 Flat Lead Rd in Yea. This is off the Whittlesea-Yea Rd.

Yea is a beautiful country town that just over one 1 hours drive from Melbourne. It is part of the Great Victorian Bike Trail for all those bike riders out there.

We will be taking our van full of bamboo plants and products for you to look at and purchase. We are also taking our bamboo specialists so you can ask all those bamboo questions that have been bothering you for some time (eg. what type of bamboo will block out our neighbors building giving us a beautiful green screen etc.). 

The Yea Garden Expo is run by the Rotary Club of Yea so all the funds raised by this event will be put to good use on community projects. They have also prepared a list of guest speakers with a program that will be run over the 2 days. We have put a link to this website from our website so come for a drive to Yea and say Hi to us at Bamboo Creations Victoria.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Bamboo Creations Victoria is heading to the High Country

Bamboo Creations Victoria are attending the Mansfield Bush Market and the Rutherglen Country Fair
BCV visiting Rutherglen and Mansfield
We are having a weekend of fun in the high country visiting both the Mansfield Bush Market on the Saturday and the Rutherglen Country Fair on the Sunday. These are happening on the Queens Birthday weekend (Sat 8th and Sun 9th June). Come for a drive and say Hi at one of these events. Just to give you that little bit more incentive to come for a drive, it is the same weekend as the winery walkabout in the region. 

The Mansfield Bush Market will be held on  Saturday 8th June on Highett St in Mansfield. This is a great day out for both locals and visitors with over 150 stalls. Funds raised by this market are distributed to local charities and community groups.

The Rutherglen Country Fair will be held on Sunday 9th June and is held in Main street. This fair is one of the biggest regional markets in Victoria with the stalls stretching the length of the main street. Part of the Rutherglen Country Fair is the barrel rolling competition. This is where competitors roll wine barrels up and down the main street. Come and have a go or watch a great event from the side lines.

See you in the Victorian High Country. Grab a few bottles of wine on the winery walkabout and visit Bamboo Creations Victoria at either of the above markets.