Sunday, 30 September 2012

Plant Fair at Al-Ru Farm South Australia

Bamboo Creations Victoria at Plant Fair Al-Ru Farm
Such a perfect location to showcase and sell our Bamboo. Surrounded by all the lovely gardens at Al-Ru farm. They have created their property with such care and meaning.  The fair is an annual event and we enjoyed ourselves so much that we will be coming back next year.  Keep an eye on our website for more details.

The Farm has been created so you can either walk around the beautiful gardens or stay in the B&B. The fair has been designed for plant lovers even offering a plant creche so you can enjoy all aspects of the beautiful fair and settings. Learn more about the Al-Ru farm by visiting their website:

We have sold many varieties of our Bamboo at the fair and have enjoyed our stay in South Australia. Even Rosie the Dog enjoyed the trip over from our Nursery in Riddells Creek Victoria.  Speaking of our Nursery, don't forget we are available at any time. Just give us a call and arrange a time that suits and we can show you the full range of Bamboo available. Call on 0411 465 652 or email
Bamboo Creations Victoria at Al-Ru farm Plant Fair

Monday, 24 September 2012

Creating a Bamboo Hedge

Bambusa textilis var. gracilis - Slender Weavers Bamboo
If you want to create a hedge out of bamboo then ensure that you choose the right type of bamboo.  We at Bamboo Creations can assist with that decision.

Clumping bamboo makes the best hedging bamboo as it will clump together to form a very thick screen.  Bamboo is also a good choice for hedging as it is very quick growing. To aid in the decision of which bamboo to use please use the guide on the info page of our website (Bamboo Creations Info Page).  This guide lists all bamboo that we grow and their specifications.  

How to use our guide.

This guide will list all the clumping type of Bamboos and their clump diameter of the bamboo.  The clump diameter will show you how far apart to plant your bamboo to form a hedge and therefore how many plants you will need to hedge your area.  

We are currently working on a downloadable version of this guide.  This will be available shortly.  We will blog when it is available and also put a comment on our home page.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Henty Field Days

The Henty Field Days is currently underway (18,19 & 20th Sep). WOW what a market - this is huge. There is everything here - come and have a look.  There is everything here: cars and trucks, farming machinery, solar power equipment and accessories, camping equiment, toys, garden tools and anything else you can think of.

We at Bamboo Creations have taken a lot of Oldhamii, as this is a great speedy screening plant.  We are selling lots.  If you need a screen then come and talk to us about our Oldhamii or another plant.  Due to us selling many plants we are organising another delivery so if you need something then come and see us or call and we can arrange.

Come and see us at our stall.

We have even taken some of our little mystical creature sculptures that go well with our bamboo to add character to your garden. We have many different types of characters and sizes.  These sculptures are made from high quality polyester resin to ensure they last outside in your garden.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bamboo markets for weekend 15th & 16th Sep

Sat 15th and Sun 16th September, Bamboo Creations Victoria will be at the Mt Macedon Plant Lovers Market.  This is a market put on by the Mt Macedon Horticulture Society.  We will be having a large range of Bamboos for you to look at and purchase.  We will also be bringing a load of new statues to make your garden look extra special.  

On Tue, Wed and Thurs Bamboo Creations Victoria will be at the Henty Machinery Field Days exhibition/market.  We will be one of more than 800 exhibitors so be prepared to spend a day looking around at all the new products (something for everyone).  We will be bringing a lot of Oldhami (speedy screen) Bamboo with us. This is an excellent screening bamboo especially for rural properties.  This fast growing bamboo can screen out a 3 storey house in about 3 years.  If you need a lot for your property, don't forget to give us a call before hand and we can bring it to the market free of charge for you.  Read more about this fantasic screening plant at our website or click this link - Oldhami.

Our Website lists all the up-coming markets so you can plan your next time to come and visit.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Markets over 1st&2nd Sep

Had a great time at Gisborne on Sunday. This is one of the biggest market in the area. Keep an eye on our website for the next time this is on - then come and see us. 

Our next market is Mornington at the racecourse. We will be taking many plants with us so you can view all the different types of Bamboo available. Come and talk to us about your requirements and we can show you the right Bamboo.  We will be taking lots of Gracilis with us. We will also be taking Silverstripe and Cream Stripe (see picture) for you to view and purchase.  These are all clumping bamboo where all the culm (storks) clump together.

Don't forget our free delivery to the market.  If you need any plants, just give us a call and book your plants and we will bring them to our next market free of charge.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Frequently Asked Questions about Bamboo

How Quick does Bamboo Grow?

This is a frequent question we get at our markets and other people we meet at our nursery.

Bamboo will reach its full potential in around 2 years in the right conditions.  Bamboo loves the sun and well drained areas of your garden.

If you have a question or would like to know more about bamboo then write to us or leave a comment on our blog.

More on Siverstripe Bamboo (Bambusa Multiplex cv.)

Spring is a great time for Silverstripe as all the new foliage shoots in bright variegated white stripes. Very striking to look at.  Variegated means: displaying differently coloured spots, patches, streaks, etc. Silverstripe is a clumping type of bamboo.

Meaning of Clumping

Clumping Bamboo means that the plant will clump together instead of spreading or running from one place to another.  Over time this bamboo will add new stalks around the edge of the clump making the clump grow in a circular pattern. Silverstripe will clump to a diameter of around 1.8 metres.