Thursday, 31 March 2016

Jade Goddess special at Sydney Collectors Plant Fair

Bamboo creations victoria attending the Clarendon Collectors Plant Fair.
Bamboo Creations attending 2016 Collectors Plant Fait
We are off on another road trip. This time we are heading to New South Wales to attend the 2016 Collectors Plant Fair at the Clarendon (9th and 10th April 2016).

This event will be held at the Hawkesbury Race Club which is at 1 Racecourse Road in Clarendon. It runs from 8am - 4pm on Sat 9th April and 9am - 4pm on Sun 10th April. 

There will be over 70 different nurseries stocking everything you will need and want for your garden or gardening project.  There is also a list of guest speakers. We have a link to the collectors plant fair on our website if you would like more information on this event.

We will be taking our van full of different bamboo and bamboo products. One Bamboo in particular is Jade Goddess. Jade Goddess will be our show special as we are selling this bamboo at half price.  Normally $120, for this show we will be selling Jade Goddess for $60.

Jade Goddess is a clumping type of bamboo with a maximum height of about 4 metres. Due to the clumping nature of this plant, it is great for hedging and screening.

See you in New South Wales on the 9th and 10th April.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Have a very Bamboo 2016 Easter

Bamboo creations victoria nursery would like to wish everyone a very happy 2016 easter.
Bamboo Creations Victoria wish everyone a Happy 2016 Easter
This weekend is Easter. For some its a long weekend that can be spent pottering in the garden. Luckily for you the Bamboo Creations Nursery is open most of the weekend.  The following are the opening hours for the nursery:
 Good Friday: Closed
 Easter Sat: 9am-5pm no appoint necessary
 Easter Sun: 10am-4pm no appoint necessary
Easter Mon: 10am-4pm no appoint necessary

Over this long weekend we are having a sale. Our autumn bamboo will be on sale with prices as low as $15. This would be a great time to plan your autumn planting and save some money in the process. Great range of overstocked bamboo will be on sale like: Jade Goddess Bamboo, Barbelletta, Stripestem Fernleaf, Albo Striata, Chinese Goddess, Sunburst Bamboo, Dark Weavers Bamboo/ fasca, Oldhamii, Ghost Bamboo, Khasia Bamboo, Fountain Bamboo, Nepalese Blue Bamboo and others. What a huge range of bamboo at great Easter prices.

We will also be attending the lovely Foster market.  This is a beautiful part of Victoria with a magnificent drive along the coast to get there. This market is running from 8am-2pm and is situated in Station Road Foster.  There will be more that 200 stalls including Plants, Arts and Crafts, Food stalls and Home Produce.  Come along and say Hi.

We wish all a very Happy and Safe 2016 Easter - Drive safely.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Alphonse Karr, Gracilis bamboo going to Canberra

Bamboo creations victoria taking alphonse karr bamboo to lanyon plant fair in canberra
Bamboo Creations Victoria going to Lanyon Plant Fair
Bamboo Creations Victoria is attending the 2016 Lanyon Plant Fair in Canberra. The Lanyon Plant Fair is held this weekend (12th and 13th March 2016) at the Lanyon Homestead, Tharwa Drive, Tharwa ACT, Canberra. It will be running from 10am - 4pm each day.

The Lanyon homestead is a historic location with beautiful surrounding gardens. This is a double whammy for plant lovers as there will be lots of plants to see and buy as well as fabulous gardens to walk around and enjoy.

We will be attending this event with lots of plants specifically suited to the Canberra climate.  We propagate all our Bamboo from good quality stock giving a much better end product. The bamboo that we will be taking will look fantastic and be frost tolerant. An example is Alphose Karr. This bamboo will tolerate temperatures down to about -12 degrees. Another example is Gracilis which will tolerate similar temperatures. We just happen to have Gracilis on special from only $49 each.

Shhhh - Don't tell anyone but we will be taking other plant products to increase our product range. More about this one later or come and see us up at Canberra.

Where is it - the Canberra Horticultural Society website says: From the Canberra CBD head south along Tuggeranong Parkway/Drakeford Drive. Turn right onto Tharwa Drive, and follow signs to Lanyon Homestead on the southern outskirts of Canberra.  We have a link to this website from our website so visit our page if you would like more information.