Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Making shopping for Bamboo Socks easier

Bamboo Creations victoria bamboo fibre trunks
Bamboo Creations Victoria - Bamboo Fibre trunks
Addition to Shopping Cart

We have changed our shopping cart to give you the ability to choose your post or delivery method for the items that you have selected.  You can have us post your items directly to your door, just type in your postcode and we will work out how much this will cost.

You can now, also, pick up your items from our nursery or one of our many markets, free of postage costs.  There is a box on the shopping cart screen which will allow you to type where you would like to pick up your ordered goods.  This will therefore add a postage cost of 0 as we take these to a market for you or you can come to us to pick up your high quality bamboo products.  If you do come to us then allow a bit of time to view all our bamboo varieties or other bamboo products.  It would be great if you could call first on 1300 654 454 so we can give you our full attention.

Mens Bamboo Fibre Trunks

We have now added high quality mens trunks/underwear to our website and shopping cart.  You can view these through the Bamboo Fibre Products option (under Our Products at the top of the screen). You can now order these in many different colours and sizes through the website.  As above, we can post them directly to you or you can pick them up from our nursery or one of our markets. 

Gisborne this weekend

We are back to the Gisborne market this weekend.  Please keep an eye on our website as we will list all the markets for the coming months.  This has recently been updated to include markets up to the end of the year.  This may change from time to time so please visit our site or this blog to keep up with all the changes.

Have a great time gardening and planting!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Kristy and Stu Ross Garden 

Below are the 10 Bamboo Gracilis plants that we bought from you a year ago. The before photo's are from April 2012 and the after photos are exactly one year later. As you can see they are already creating a thin screen and its only been a year. Please feel free to use them on your website or anywhere else you like.
Kristy and Stu Ross

Gracilis planted April 2012 

Gracilis 12 months later April 2013 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Socks shopping cart and new market

Kids bamboo socks by Bamboo Creations Victoria
Kids socks on special
Shopping Cart now available

We have now implemented a shopping cart on our website so you can order these fantastic and high quality bamboo socks.  We will be adding to the cart over the next few weeks as not all socks are available on the website.  However, we have many styles and colours available right now.

We will try and keep our postage costs to an absolute minimum so try and make use of buying multiple pairs to reduce the overall postage costs. We can get several pairs into an envelope meaning you only pay one postage to receive several pairs of socks.  We are working on reducing the costs even further by allowing you to pick up your order from one of our many different markets.  Please try out our shopping cart and let us know if you have any problems or any suggestions to make it even better.

Our kids socks (pictured above) are currently on special.  These were $8.50 a pair but at the moment we are selling 2 pairs for $14.  This is a saving of $3.00.

New market - Echuca/Moama

We are taking our vast range of bamboo on the road again up to the picturesque border towns of Echuca/Moama.  This is held in the Moama Soundshell Gardens which is just across the bridge from Echuca.  The Echuca/Moama market will be held on the 26th May so come along, say Hello and look at our huge range of bamboo.  Also, come along with any questions about bamboo as there are lots of different types and they are used in different situations.  There are heaps of other stalls to keep you entertained for many hours.

Don't forget to keep your eye on our website as we will let you know where we are next (www.bamboo-plants.com.au).  So if you cannot make it to this market then come and say Hello at the next one.