Sunday, 23 February 2014

Melbourne Open Garden this weekend

Plant Fair at Burnley Gardens.

Gold Stripe Bamboo by Bamboo Creations Victoria
Gold Stripe Bamboo by Bamboo Creations Victoria
This weekend (1st and 2nd March) is the plant fair at Burnley Gardens.  Gardeners heaven with over 40 Victorian and Interstate exhibitors. The plant fair is located in the grounds of the University of Melbourne's Burnley Campus - Yarra Boulevard, Burnley. It is open from 11am - 5pm daily.  In addition to the wonderful plants offered by the exhibitors there will be a series of interesting talks.  View the exhibitors (including Bamboo Creations Victoria) or just wander around the gardens.

Gold Stripe

March is Gold Stripe month. This beautiful looking plant is on special during March (or until sold out so give us a call and order yours today!).  Bambusa multiplex c.v Goldstripe or commonly know as Gold Stripe is a clumping type of bamboo. This bamboo will grow to a maximum height of approx 3 metres with a clump diameter of 1 metre. This bamboo gets its name from the gold stripe down the culms.

New Photos in the Gallery

Last weeks Oldhamii progress shots have now been added to the photo gallery for you to have a look at.  These are the same photos 1 year apart so you can see the growth and how other people are using this plant in their gardens.  These photos are in the gallery under Customer Pics - Gisborne Oldhamii if you are interested. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Seymour Farming Expo a Big Success

The Seymour farming expo held over 3 days in Seymour was a big success for Bamboo Creations Victoria.  We met a lot of people including the a lady that came all the way from Canberra to visit Bamboo Creations (pictured below).  Thanks for your huge effort in traveling that distance to visit the expo and us at Bamboo Creations.

We also got an email with the picture to the right.  "I got my bamboo plant at the Seymour Expo after trying to grow some from seed with no luck at getting what I wanted. So I got one from bamboo Creations and could not be happier" Terese.  Thank you Terese for emailing us with your comments and good luck with your fabulous bamboo plant.

Next Expo/Fair

The next market that we are attending is another big one.  The Plant Fair at Burnley Gardens in Richmond, Melbourne.  This is a 2 day event over the 1st and 2nd March (from 11am - 5pm). We will be taking our van full of interesting and beautiful bamboo plants.


·        Dendrocalamopsis Oldhamii (or commonly known as Speedy Screen) is one beautiful upright bamboo.  This Bamboo is a clumping type of Bamboo and needs at least a 1m wide garden bed. If you have anything less then you will need a root barrier.
·         When you plant Oldhamii it will need plenty of water and fertilizer in the first year. This bamboo prefers a well-drained soil with organic matter or compost and plenty of mulch. The picture above is from clients in Gisborne. This shows Oldhamii planted down the driveway to create beautiful green screen.  The first picture is an Oldhamii planted in Feb 2013 and the second picture is 1 year later so you can see the growth of this fantastic plant. 

     Oldhamii will grown to a maximum height of about 12 metres with a clump diameter of about 3 metres. This bamboo can be trimmed or hedged to create any screen or barrier that you need. For a full list of the specifications, refer to the Oldhamii page on our website (Oldhamii:

Sunday, 2 February 2014

This month is the huge Seymour Alt Farming Expo

Seymour Alternative Farming Expo

On the 14th (Fri), 15th (Sat) and 16th(Sun) of February is the huge Seymour Alternative Farming Expo.  This expo has more than 450 exhibitors showing all the latest products, and services.   Bamboo Creations Victoria are one of these exhibitors with a van full of bamboo related products. 

In addition to a field full of exhibitors, there are guest speakers from farm and rural lifestyle seminars to butcher shop/country kitchen programs. To give you time to view all the exhibitors and lectures the expo is held over 3 days.

The expo is held in Seymour at Kings Park in Tallarook St, Seymour.  By car, you can get there straight up the Hume Hwy, or through Yea.  You can also catch a V-line train from Southern Cross station to Seymour.  The expo runs from 9am to 5pm daily. Our website has a link to the Seymour Alterniative Farming expo website for more information.

Like all our markets and expos, if you ring and book your products will can bring them to one of our markets and expos free of charge.  Make sure you get in early as we need to plan for your orders and the other products that we take to our markets and expos.

Our Website

We are always looking for new pictures to add to our photo gallery.  If you have planted some bamboo lately, we would love a picture of the type of bamboo used and how you have used it (eg. screening a neighboring building or as a decoration/ornament). We also love progressive shots so if you have some pictures that were taken a while ago, we would love to see the same shot months later to see how your bamboo has grown.

We are currently working on bamboo t-shirts to add to our vast bamboo product range.  We will let you all know when these are available.