Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Change to our Shopping Cart - Yea !!

Free postage for 3 or more Bamboo Socks
Shopping Cart change

We have been working hard to make our shopping cart easier and cheaper.  We have now changed the system to make postage FREE if you select 3 or more bamboo fibre products.  Yes that is correct, if you have 3 or more socks, singlets or trunks postage is free.  Play around with our shopping cart screen to see how this works.  

Once you have put an item (or items) into the cart, visit the shopping cart screen. Put in your postcode and then play with the quantities to see what happens with the postage amount.  You still have the ability to come and pick them up from our nursery or we will bring them to a market free of charge for you.  If you use this option then please put in some details about the market or when you would like to pick them up from the nursery.

Remember, we still also offer a free delivery service for our bamboo to any of our markets and expos.  Just ring during the week and we will bring to a market of your choice.

Gisborne this week.

We are back to the Gisborne market this weekend (Sun 4th August).  This is located at the Corner of Aitken & Hamilton St in Gisborne.  This is listed on our website.  We have changed the events down the left hand side to turn them into links.  You can now click on an event down the left hand side and it will now take you to our location page at the market you have selected.  This is handy to find our more information about the market you are interested in.  


Just over 30 days to start of spring for all those gardeners that are hanging out for the spring growing season.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Spring is approaching !!

Emerald Goddess
Change of Season

Spring is now less than 40 days away.  Now is the time to start planning or planting ready for spring to arrive.  If you plant bamboo now it will have time for the roots to talk hold.  The next month is a busy time for Bamboo Creations as people want our bamboo ready for the spring planting season.  If you are thinking about your garden then please give us a call and we can assist you in choosing the correct bamboo and the best time to purchase and plant.

Changes to our website

We are always trying to change our website to make things easier for people and give you more information and products.  We have added new photos in the customer photo gallery.  In our gallery we are trying to add each bamboo variety in different stages of growth so you can see how other people have used this wonderful plant and how quickly it grows.  If you have something that we can use, please email it to us and we will either insert on this blog or put up on our website.
Finding healthy grass in our paddock

To make finding us easier at one of our many markets, we have turned the events down the left hand side into links.  If you click on a market in our events list, it will take you to our locations page at the market you clicked on.  This will give you more information about the market including the address and a link to the actual market's webpage.

We have also included opening hours on the home page.  It is always a great idea to call first to let us know that you are coming (Ph: 1300 654 454).  We can then ensure that you have our full attention as there is a lot to look at.  The picture to the right are people that have visited our nursery and found a very healthy grass - it is amazing what you can find.


If you cannot come to our nursery then we are more than happy to take your order to one of our markets free of charge.  Just give us a call on 1300 654 454.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Albo Striata (Bambusa multiplex albo striata)

Albo Striata (Bambusa multiplex albo striata)
Focus on Albo Striata Bamboo

Fast growing, clumping bamboo with fabulous cream stripes up the green culms. Due to its fast growth and a maximum height of 8 metres, it is a fantastic blocking bamboo. As you can see in the picture to the right, it is a tight clumping bamboo that will provide an excellent screen or wind break.  You can view all the stats about this bamboo on our website but here is a summary:
  Maximum height: 8metres
  Culm diameter: 4cm
  Clump Diameter: 1 metre
  Edible Shoots.

Bamboo Creations Victoria have these beautiful bamboo in 20cm pots ready to go.  These are on special during July (or until stocks run out).  At the moment, these are our biggest seller so check them out. We also offer discounts for larger orders.

They will require a garden bed of about 1 metre in width.  If you have less than this then another bamboo may be a better fit.  We are always there to help so give us a call if you have any questions about these bamboo or where to plant them. 

Our Markets

We do not have any other markets or expos in July.  Our next market is Gisborne in August.  This means that we have more people around to help you at our nursery.  Please give us a call on 1300 654 454 before you come. We can then make sure we give you our full attention as there are a lot of bamboo for you to look at. 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Bamboo can attract some beautiful creatures.

Not only human clients like our Bamboo
 Beautiful Dragonfly's on our Bamboo

These beautiful dragonfly's were enjoying our bamboo out in the paddocks.  There are actually 2 dragonfly's in this picture on the same bamboo stem.  We have blown up one of them so you can see how beautiful they are against our Bamboo.

If you have any of these type of photos with amazing creatures on your bamboo, please email them to us and we may use them on this blog or on our web photo gallery.

Bamboo Socks and Anti-bacterial qualities.

The bamboo fibre used in our socks have a very tight structure which offer anti-bacterial qualities.  These anti-bacterial qualities means that they aid in reducing body or foot odour.


As highlighted on our website, we are at both Mornington and Violet Town markets this weekend (13th and 14th July).  The Mornington market is held at the racecourse (off Bungower rd) from 9am to 2pm.  The Violet Town market is held at the Violet Town recreation reserve from 8:30am to 1pm.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Gisbourne this week

Where are we this week

This week we are back at Gisborne on Sunday (7th July).  This market is located at the corner of Aitken & Hamilton St in Gisborne. The market operates from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Come and visit us at this market.  All other markets we attend are listed on our website.
Gracilis bamboo on Bamboo Creations photo gallery
Gracilis Bamboo

New photos on the gallery.

We have uploaded a few more photos on our photo gallery.  These are under the Customer Pics category.  We are trying to show bamboo in various stages of their progress.  The new shots that have been uploaded show bamboo several months apart so you can see how they grow and where they can be used.  In addition to showing bamboo at various stages of growth, we are also trying to show most types of bamboo varieties.  These are listed down the left hand side of the screen. We will be adding to this on a regular basis.

Have a look through our photo gallery to get some ideas about how you can use this fabulous plant.  Once you get a few ideas then come and see us at our nursery or one of our markets and we can advise on the type of bamboo that would be best suited to your requirements.

We are here to help with your bamboo needs.