Sunday, 24 February 2013

Plant Fair at Flint Hill, Woodend

Bamboo Creations at Cruden Farm Open Garden 2012
Bamboo Creations at Cruden Farm Open Garden 2012
2 Day Plant Fair
Plant Lovers Take Note - 2 days of plant fair at woodend where you can look at and purchase most types of interesting and unusual plants.  The Plant fair has approx 40 different exhibiters (including Bamboo Creations Victoria) where you can view plants, talk to the experts and even buy different types of plants.  Don't worry about carrying your plants around all day as you can utilise the plant creche. You can then keep looking around or stop for a refreshment.  Bamboo Creations will be taking our normal vast array of bamboo plants (check out the picture to the right - you can hardly see our tent with all the different types of plants we take). In addition to the exhibitors, the plant fair offers many guest speakers to increase your own knowledge of plants and gardens.

Our Bamboo Plant Nursery

Our bamboo nursery is located in Riddells Creek Victoria and is open to the public.  However, so we can give you 100% of our attention we ask that you ring first for an appointment.  Normally you can get an appointment on the same day but we need to plan our time to ensure that the customer gets everything they came for.  You can try our new phone number 1300 654 454 or call our mobile on 0411 465 652.To make your Bamboo Plant buying easier we are able to accept most types of payment methods. Our website lists all the different types available.

Bamboo Plant Facts

Our website has the specifications of the different types of bamboo that we stock.  It also has lots of information about bamboo that people would find interesting.  Here are a few facts about bamboo taken from our website information page.
Bamboo plants Melbourne logo frog | buy bamboo plants
  • Bamboo is a grass with a woody stock
  • There are over 1250 species growing around the world
  • Absorbs almost 5 times more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and produces 35% more oxygen then any tree
  • Some bamboos can grow a metre a day, quickest growing screen or hedging plant
  • Beautiful ornamentals
  • Control erosion
  • Drought tolerant

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Flemington and Sunbury markets

Bamboo creations at seymour alternitive farming expo
Bamboo Creations at Seymour Farming Expo

This is another busy weekend for Bamboo Creations Victoria, we are visiting both Flemington and Sunbury markets on Sunday.  Come and say Hi at one of these markets.  

Sunbury is a brand new market so we would love to see you all there.  The inaugural launch is this sunday the 24th February. The Sunbury Central Market is located at 25-47 Horne Street, Sunbury.  There is a website for this market ( but is a little light on for information as they have not had there first market.  We will keep you updated about this market so please view our website or keep an eye on this blog.  As always we will be taking lots of different bamboo plants and other bamboo and garden related items for you to look at and purchase.

Bamboo plants melbourne - Bambusa chungii barbelletta
Bambusa Chungii - Barbelletta

We are currently working on a few new products for our website: Albo Striata and Bambusa Chungii Barbelletta.  We have been testing Barbelletta for some time to ensure that it is right for the Victorian climate. We have found this to be a great grower and we now have stock available for you to purchase.  These new products will be up on our website shortly so keep an eye out for all the statistics of these great new plants.

Our socks have been selling well.  Don't forget we now stock both bamboo fibre mens underwear and bamboo fibre singlets.  Both these new products offer the same anti-bacterial qualities as our socks.


Some products on our website fall into several categories such as Clumping and Best Screening - Why is this?  

A Bamboo can be planted in a few different ways in your garden. They can be planted as a standalone beautiful ornamental plant or as a screen.  A clumping bamboo grows new shoots very close to the mother culm. Different clumping bamboo plants have different size clumps - some are wider and some are thinner. For wider clumping plants, the new shoots grow to form a tight clump of bamboo which is difficult to see through so it can be used as a perfect screen or wind break.

Garden statues precsented by Bamboo Creations Victoria
Oh how cute - These would look great in the garden
Clumping categorised plants mean new shoots appear closer to the mother culms. Clumping bamboo "will not spread" it only springs new canes from within and around the base of the clump. This bamboo is fantastic for hedging, garden features.

Best screening categorised plants means that they are good plants for screening.  They grow quickly as a dense evergreen screen. They have a tight clump and dense foliage. They make a great hedge or sound/wind break.

Ornamental categorised plants mean that the plant can used as a standalone beautiful ornament.  These look stunning in your garden as a feature.

Running categorised plants have longer and fast-spreading rhizomes. If not contained or maintained regularly, running bamboo could become a nuisance. This type of bamboo can run underground and pop up to cover an increasingly larger area; however it can be easily contained with root barriers, raised beds, or by rhizome pruning.

More information can be obtained about the different categories on our webpage (Bamboo-information). If you need more advise on which type of plant to purchase please do not hesitate to call us and we can discuss your requirements.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Seymour Alternative Farming Expo

This Weekend at Seymour Farming Expo

Bamboo Creations Victoria at Violet Town Market
Bamboo Creations Victoria are going to the Seymour Farming Expo (Tallarook st, Seymour).  This is a massive expo running over 3 days (Fri 15th, Sat 16th and Sun 17th Feb).  The expo has over 450 exhibitors and according to their website, have over 45,000 people attend. In addition to the many different exhibitors and stalls, there is a complete range of lectures presented by different associations and experts. So in this way you can pick up what you need and also some invaluable knowledge.

Bamboo Creations Victoria will be taking our huge range of bamboo plants for you to have a look at and purchase.  Talk to us about your bamboo requirements to ensure that you plant the correct bamboo in the correct position.  We will also be taking our statue range including a few new statues.

The locations page on our website (Bamboo Creations locations) has a link to the farming expo website.  Sign on and check out everything so you can plan your visit (don't forget to drop in on us and say Hello).

Markets for April have now been put up on our website to assist with your market planning.

New Products

For some time we have been stocking and selling bamboo fibre socks.  Bamboo fibre has wonderful anti-backterial and anti-odour qualities that are perfect for socks.  These are very high quality.  We are now stocking and selling Mens Underwear and Mens & Womens Singlets.  These are also made out of the same high quality, anti-bacterial and anti-odour bamboo fibre as the socks.  Feel the difference.

New Phone Number

Do not forget about our new phone number 1300 654 454.  This has been created for the people that do not feel comfortable ringing a mobile phone. We are trying to simplify your bamboo experience.

Monday, 4 February 2013

New phone number for Bamboo Creations Victoria

Dendrocalamopsis oldhamii from bamboo creations victoria
Dendrocalamopsis Oldhamii
To make buying Bamboo much easier we now have a new phone number - 1300 654 454. You can now phone this 1300 number or dial our mobile, which ever is easier for you.  Our new phone number has now been put up on our website so you do not have to remember if (or you can put into your phone contacts).

February Special:
The special for February (according to the frog on the website) is Oldhamii.  You can now get a good price for Oldhamii in 20cm pots.  Give us a ring to ask about our oldhamii special.  Oldhamii (full name: Dendrocalamopsis Oldhamii) is also know as Speedy Screen. This is known as speedy screen due to its fast growing properties. It can basically block out a 2 story house in about 3 year.

Bamboo Fibre Socks
Don't forget about our bamboo fibre socks.  They are a very high quality socks that feel great to wear. We currently have a special on these socks - Adults socks 2 for $25 and Kids socks 2 for $15. Bamboo fibre socks come in many different styles, sizes and colours.

This weekend (9th and 10th Feb) we are at Violet Town on Saturday and Mornington on Sunday.  As normal, we will be taking lots of different varieties for you to have a look at.  Ask about the suitablilty of the different varieties in your garden. So we can perform our nursery planning, if you are wanting to visit our nursery this weekend, please ring ahead of time and we will ensure we are available for you and give you our full attention (you can even try our new phone number 1300 654 454). Also, if you are wanting several bamboo plants you can always ring during the week and we will have them available for you to collect at one of these markets (free of charge).