Sunday, 14 December 2014

Bambusa Multiplex cv. or Alphonse Karr Bamboo

Alphonse Karr bamboo or botanical name of Bambusa Multiplex cv.  More and more people are starting to see the benefit of planting bamboo in their gardens.  The photos to the right are of a display home in Melbourne. The builders could see the selling point of starting to hide the neighbours building using Alphonse Karr bamboo.  Through the window will be a magnificent green feature wall instead of having to look at the paling fence with a building over the top.

Like most bamboo, Alphonse Karr is a fast growing clumping type of bamboo.  It can form a green screen in about 2 years to hide unwanted views. The clumping properties of this bamboo means that it can also be a sound barrier as well as a screening plant.  It can be pruned to any shape so you can keep the height and also keep it well manicured.  For more information about this bamboo please visit:

Christmas Hours at Bamboo Creations Victoria nursery

The Christmas hours have been updated on our website.  We will be closed from the 22nd to the 28th (inclusive) and also on the 1st Jan 2015.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Last Gisborne market for the year

Christmas is fast approaching and this is the last Gisborne market for the year. Before the real rush starts, now is the time to organise your garden and planting prior to the family and friends that are due to arrive.  If you do not have time to tidy the garden, apply mulch, plant your new plants or feed the existing garden then we now have a garden maintenance service.  We cater for all types of gardens both big and small.  Lets have a chat about how we can assist with your garden preparation ready for Christmas.  Give us a call on 1300 654 454.

Also, with Christmas fast approaching we are taking orders now so we can have the plants ready for you.  We do not want you to miss out so give us a call to arrange everything you need.

As you can see by the photo on the right, our stock is prepared for the Victorian environment.  This time of year the bamboo is lush and green and looks fantastic in our nursery, so will look even better in your own garden.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Say goodbye to next door building - Gracilis Bamboo in action

The picture on the right is a very clever use of the Gracilis Bamboo Plant.  This has already started to cover the 2 storey building next door.  The building will soon be blocked leaving a beautiful green screen.  This particular plant was planted in Aug 2013, these photos were taken in Aug 2014, so it has only been a year to start the blocking process.

Bambusa Textilis var. Gracilis or commonly known as Slender Weavers bamboo is a fast growing clumping type of bamboo.
Gracilis bamboo has a maximum height of approximately 8 metres which will be perfect for this situation to hide the next door building.  The lower leaves of this bamboo have been trimmed to keep the base slim and the top bushy for where it is needed the most.

We thank this customer for sending us these fantastic shots.  We have also put them up in our gallery on our website so have a good look how these plants have been used.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hedge bamboo on special

Bamboo Creations Victoria now have hedge bamboo on special for $35.  The hedge bamboo as its name suggests is perfect for hedging your garden or driveway. This then makes a green privacy screen to either block out or hide neighbouring buildings or an unsightly fenceline.

Now for a few facts about this wonderful plant.  It's botanical name is Bambusa Multiplex and it's common name is Hedge Bamboo.  It will grow to a maximum height of approximately 4 metres.  It is a clumping type of bamboo which is great for screening.  It is called the hedge bamboo due to its bushy shape (refer to the picture to the right).  For more information about Hedge Bamboo follow this link to our hedge bamboo website page:

In our last blog post we introduced the new Bamboo Creations Victoria garden maintenance and planting service.  So if you are interested in a great hedging bamboo and do not have time to plant it then why not give us a call and we may be able to help you out.  Our number is 1300 654 454.

Monday, 17 November 2014

New Bamboo Creations service

Small garden maintenance service by Bamboo Creations Victoria nursery
Bamboo Creations Victoria new garden maintenance service
Christmas is fast approaching and you have a lot to think about.  Bamboo Creations Victoria have created a new service to help reduce your Todo list.

Bamboo Creations Victoria now have a planting and small garden maintenance service. We can get your garden looking tidy ready for Family and Friends coming around over the Christmas period.  We can even plant your new bamboo purchases using our extensive Bamboo knowledge and experience.

Give us a call today on 1300 654 454 and talk to us about how we can assist you over the busy Christmas period.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bambusa multiplex cv. Goldstripe

Goldstripe bamboo supplied by Bamboo Creations Nursery
Goldstripe bamboo in 2010 and 2012
This week we are highlighting the wonderful Goldstripe bamboo or botanical name - Bambusa multiplex cv. Goldstripe.  This gets its name from the fact that there are golden stripes on the lower part of the green culm.

This is a nice tight clumping type of bamboo with a maximum height of approximately 3 metres. Goldstripe bamboo has a very dense leafing from top to bottom. This will block out a single story neighboring house in no time with a fabulous green screen.  As this is a tight clumping bamboo it is perfect for smaller areas like apartment courtyards or even pots. 

Being a clumping and screening type of bamboo it can be pruned to any shape to make your garden more interesting or to keep it neat along your fence-line.

Like most bamboo, Goldstripe bamboo is drought tolerant once established. We can give you information on how to establish this bamboo in your garden for the best results.  Visit us at our nursery or come and say hello at one of the many markets we attend (our website has information on these markets).

For more information on our Goldstripe bamboo visit our website through this link:

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Bambusa Textilis var. Gracilis or Slender Weaver Bamboo

Gracilis bamboo in pots from Bamboo Creations nursery victoria
Gracilis in pots ready for your garden
In this blog post we are looking at the Gracilis bamboo or commonly known as Slender Weavers bamboo. The botanical name for Gracilis is Bambusa Textilis var. Gracilis.

All of our bamboo has fascinating properties and beauty but Gracilis is one of the most popular bamboo.  This would be due to being an all green, very upright bamboo so it has its lovely green colour all year around.  You can therefore use this to screen out neighboring buildings or to create a green screen/fence.

Gracilis is a clumping type of bamboo with a maximum height of about 6 metres. If you use this bamboo for a screen or fence then you can prune it to keep it in the shape that you are after. To give it the space that it needs, we suggest that you plant these approx 1-1.5 metres apart. It is tight clumping and can be planted in narrow spaces but if you are  planting along a fence that is less then 500m then you may want to use a root barrier so it does not grown into the neighbours side of the fence.

When you first plant this bamboo, it prefers plenty of water. Once established it then become more drought tolerant but it is always a good idea to keep it nice and moist to avoid discolouring the culms.

We are always there to help with bamboo choice and suggestions on where and how to plant these magnificent bamboo.  We can give you information about the planting procedure to ensure that you give this bamboo the best possible start in your garden.  For more information on gracilis please visit our website or click on this link - . If you do plant one of our bamboo we also appreciate progress photos as we love to see how they are being used and their growth.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Khasia bamboo or botanical Drepanostachyum Khasianum

Khasia bamboo from bamboo creations victoria nursery
Khasia bamboo from Bamboo Creations Nursery
Before we talk about Khasia bamboo, just to let you know that the nursery will be open this Saturday from 9am to 5pm. You do not need an appointment so come along and see our fabulous range.  However, this Sunday we will appreciate a call before you come as we will also be at the Gisborne market.

Now lets get down to business. Khasia bamboo or botanical name Drepanostachyum Khasianum is a very hardy and drought tolerant bamboo . This is a clumping type of bamboo.

Khasia bamboo has a beautiful lime green glossy foliage. The canes have a distinctive white and purple ring around the internodes.This bamboo has a maximum height of approximately 4 metres with clump diameter of about 1 metre.  If you would like more information then please visit our website. This link will take you to this wonderful bamboo page:

Come along on Sunday to the Gisborne market as we will have a few of these plants for you to look at and purchase.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Nursery open a little longer over summer.

Stunning bamboo in Bamboo creations nursery, Riddells Creek Melbourne
Bamboo Creations Nursery
We have had a great time over the last little while with all the expos that we have attended.  These are now over so it is back to work closer to home.  Our nursery will be open over daylight savings a little extra on Mon, Tue and Wed.  We will be open until 7pm so come along after work to see our vast range of bamboo and other bamboo related products.

Our website has been updated with all the new opening hours. We are also attending many different markets around Melbourne. We are down at Berwick this Sunday (26th Oct).  Keep an eye on our website for all the markets that we are attending over the next few months. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Oldhamii bamboo on special

Bamboo creations oldhamii bamboo in st kilda
Oldhamii in retained wall in St Kilda Melbourne
Oldhamii is on Special.

Oldhamii: Our Oldhamii bamboo (botanical name: Dendrocalamopsis oldhamii, common name: Speedy Screen).  This is a fast growing bamboo that is great to screen out a building or to create a green screen like the photo to the right.  This plant has been grown as a screen along a driveway retaining wall.  This is growing in St Kilda in Melborne.

Oldhamii is an upright tropical clumping bamboo.  This has a maximum height of approx 12metres so will create a fantastic green screen or wind break.

Our Oldhamii is now on special until sold out.  We are selling tall plants in a 20cm pot for just $39.  If you would like some of these plants but are not totally ready for them then we can store them for you for up to 6 weeks.  We can also bring them with us to one of our next markets.  Give us a call and we can discuss your requirements.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Only a few days until Murrumbateman

Bamboo creations nursery in murrumbateman field day.
Japanese maple
That is right, the countdown has begun.  We are packing our van full of Bamboo related products and we are heading for Canberra.  We are getting excited as this is the first time that we have attended this event.  It will be huge as we are one of over 500 exhibitors.

As you can see from the pictures we are taking lots of bamboo socks, singlets to show the high quality of these products. You can purchase from our stall or through our website. We are also taking our rare Japanese Maples which we are very proud of.

Bamboo creations high quality bamboo socks and bamboo singlets.
High quality bamboo socks and singlets.
Talk to us about the different Bamboo and where they are best used.  We will be taking different types from screening bamboo (screen out that building next door with a lovely green screen) to ornamental that can be displayed in pots.  All of our plants have been tested in Melbourne weather so if they can grow in Melbourne they can grow anywhere.

Would love to see you all in Canberra, come and say G-Day.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Murrumbateman here we come

Murrumbateman Field Days (images taken from MFD website)

The Murrumbateman Field Days event is on this weekend and we are taking our van full of different bamboo products to display and sell. This is a 2 day event. Sat 18th Oct from 9am to 5pm and Sun 19th Oct from 9am to 4pm. This event is 20 minutes out of Canberra on the Barton Highway at the Murrumbateman Recreation Grounds.

Our website has a link to the Murrumbateman Field Days website for more information on the exhibitors and how to get there.

This event is jammed pack full of exhibitors (over 500 exhibitors) including Bamboo Creations Victoria.  There is something for everybody so allow enough time to wander around.  Things for the home and garden, big boys toys and plenty of entertainment for kids and kids at heart.  

This is the first time that we have been to Murrumbateman Field days so we are looking forward to seeing this event.  All our plants have been trialed and tested in Melbourne under Victoria's extreme weather conditions.  This means that other states should have success with our plants as they can cope with Melbourne's four seasons in 1 day.  We will be bringing a range of Screening and Ornamental bamboo.  We will also be bringing several rare Japanese Maples.  Come along and say Hi.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Bamboo Creations at Baw Baw

Big thank you to Ruth from Al-Ru farm

bamboo creations at al-ru farm in south australia.
Bamboo Creations at Al-Ru open garden plant fair
We all had a great time in South Australia.  A huge thank you goes to Ruth Irving for putting on a great plant fair. The gardens were spectacular.

Change in nursery hours

Over daylight savings times, our nursery will be open a little extra during the week.  From Monday - Wednesday the nursery will be open until 7pm.  In this way you can come and check out our huge range of bamboo after work.A quick call before hand would be appreciated - 1300 654 454.

Gippsland Baw Baw Garden and Home Expo

Bamboo Creations are packing up their van again (with lots of different bamboo varieties) and heading to the Gippsland Baw Baw Garden and Home expo.  This is held at the Lardner Park near Warragul in Gippsland. LARDNER  PARK is less than a kilometre along Burnt Store Rd. Garden Expo signs will be on each corner to guide you. 

This expo has over 40 different specialist and general nurseries, other garden and home related stall holders and a great presentation schedule. Our website has more information about this great expo.  See you there - come and say Hi.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bamboo Creations off to South Australia

Bamboo Creations Victoria nursery nepalese blue bamboo 1 year apart. Planting progress photos of nepalese blue bamboo.
Nepalese Blue Bamboo progress photos
Customer Bamboo Progress Photos

Before we talk about South Australia, we just wanted to show you these progress photos of a Nepalese Blue Bamboo.  These two photos are 1 year apart and you can see how much it has grown.  This is a stunning plant and has enhanced the garden in just 1 year.  if you would like a closer look at these photos then jump across to our website as they have been loaded in the photo gallery (Eltham Nepalese Blue). Thank you for your photos.  Please keep these fantastic bamboo progress photos coming in as it is great to see how these plants have been used and how well they grow.

Plant fair at Al-Ru Farm - South Australia

The Bamboo Creations nursery is heading over to South Australia this weekend for the plant fair at Al-Ru farm.  This is an Open Garden event which means that you can browse through the different exhibitors while enjoying the surrounding gardens. The 10 acres of the Al-Ru farm surrounding the homestead has been nurtured into gardens reminiscent of the French country side. The garden should be awash with pink silene, lime green euphorbias, campanulas and crabapples, and Bellis perennis will adorn the wild garden. 

The location of this event is: Al-Ru Farm, One Tree Hill Rd, One Tree Hill (Garden at T-junction of Black Top & One Tree Hill Rds). The fair will be open Sun 5th - Mon 6th Oct from 10am-4pm daily.  Come along and say hi.

Friday, 26 September 2014


Yes we are back at Akoonah Park Market.
Bamboo Creations Nursery is attending this market at the end of each month, please check our web page for updated information on where we are next.

Bamboo Creations Nursery web address is:

The nursery is open 7 days a week. Some days, however, it is best to make an appointment so please give us a call first on 1300 654 454.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Spring is here and so is the Henty Field Days 
Henty Machinery Field Days

Don't forget that this weekend is the plant lovers market at Mt Macedon. This will be held at the Bolobok property.  Look at and buy plants from different nurseries (including Bamboo Creations Victoria). You can then put your purchases in the plant creche so you can then look around the sensational Bolobok property.

The next major event will be next week - Henty Machinery Field Days. This is a massive 3 day event (Tues 23 - Thurs 25th Sep) in the town of Henty which is approximately half way between Albury and Wagga. The gates are open from 9am - 5pm on each of these days.  The event features over 1200 sites with over 800 exhibitors.  This is held in Henty as this area is one of the nations major food bowls in Southern  Henty Machinery Field Days is now regarded as Southern Australia's single biggest agricultural event, showcasing the latest in machinery and farm equipment, outdoors and camping products, farm produce and of course plants and nurseries.  Our website has a link to the Henty Machinery Field Days website if you would like more information on this huge event.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Before and after customer updated shots on there Gracilis (Slender weavers bamboo)

The above customer pictures show a very clever use of the wonderful Gracilis bamboo.  These pictures show the same bamboo over a 2 year period.  The bamboo has been used as a screen to block the neighbors. Kristy and Stu can now enjoy a little quiet time in their outdoor alfresco area without seeing neighboring building.  The above pictures have now been loaded into the picture gallery on our website - Thank you Kristy and Stu for these amazing photos.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Spring markets (Mt Macedon)

Bamboo creations victoria are attending the Plant Lovers Market at Mt Macedon Bolobok residence.
Bamboo Creations attending Bolobok for Plant Lovers Market
We have recently updated the markets on our website to include markets for the rest of the year. One to take note of is the Mt Macedon Plant Lovers Market.

The Mt Macedon Plant Lovers market will be held at the property called Bolobek.  Bolobek is an historic working cattle property renowned for its garden. This means that you can wander around the stalls, shop for all your plant needs and enjoy the stunning surrounds while you shop.

The location is: Bolobek, 370 Mt Macedon Rd, Mt Macedon Vic 3441. The market will run from 10am - 4pm on both Sat 20th and Sun 21st September 2014.

The market includes many different types of nurseries and plant growers. You can therefore see a wide range of plants.You can also talk with the plant growers and utilise their many years of plant experience.  Bamboo Creations Victoria would love to hear how you have used bamboo in the past and your requirements for bamboo in your up and coming projects.

The Market will also have a plant creche so you can fully enjoy the market without the need to cart around your special purchases. 

Come along and say Hi.

Monday, 1 September 2014

New customer photos in our gallery

We have new bamboo photo in our gallery of a wonderful garden in Mill Park.  There are various types of bamboo. The customer has kindly taken photos in May 2013 and the same shots in August 2014 so we can all see the difference in the plants and how they have grown.  The image on the right is an example of how these plants have been used and the growth in just over 1 year.

Thank you for these fantastic photos.

Father's Day this weekend.

If you are going to buy Dad socks this year for fathers day, then why not make them high quality bamboo socks.  Our website is full of different types and colours of bamboo socks for you to choose from -

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Spring into Daylesford

Just a quick reminder to let you know that Spring is on its way. We currently have our winter sale still on but will be finishing soon so get in quick if you want that special ready for your start of spring planting.  Don't forget that we can deliver free of charge to one of our markets that we attend.  Just give us a call prior to the market, place your order and then we will bring to our next market.  Our markets are always listed on our website (

Daylesford Market
Speaking of markets, Daylesford is on this weekend. What a magnificent place to hold and attend a market.  This market is open from 8am and runs till 4pm this Sunday 31st Aug. It is held at the
Daylesford Railway Station, 18 Raglan St (Midland Hwy)

Women's Bamboo Knickers 
Women's bamboo knickers are now available on our website (in both boyleg and bikini styles). You can purchase through the website with our deal that if you purchase 5 or more then we will deliver to your door for free.

See you all at Daylesford.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Bamboo Creations on a break.

Hi All

Just a quick blog post to let you all know that we are on a small break.  The nursery will be closed from the 4th to the 18th August.  During this time we will not be completing orders but will get straight onto them upon our return. Please do not stop placing your orders as we love your interest in our quality products.

Thank you all for your understanding.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Bamboo Women's Underwear


Women’s Bamboo Underwear
State of the art, finest quality knitted fabric and finish.
To take full advantage of the anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties of bamboo we have developed Women’s Underwear in
Bikini and Boyleg styles in a modern colour range. 95% bamboo fibre component with 5% elastane to produce very
comfortable underwear that keep their shape and are very durable.
Where to purchase them visit our web page at Bamboo Fibre Products 
Please note: we are working on the shopping cart for these great knickers They will be up in the next few days 
Also take advantage of our FREE postage "Buy any 5 bamboo fibre products for FREE postage 
OR pick up from any of our Markets, Expo's, or Nursery

Bikini available in Sizes 8,10,12,14,16,18,
Colours: Black,White Chocolate, Burnt Red, Skin, Fuchsia,Denim

Boyleg are available in Sizes 8,10,12,14,16,18,

Colours: Black,White Chocolate, Burnt Red, Skin, Fuchsia,Denim

Monday, 21 July 2014

Bamboo Sports/Ped socks now available.

bamboo ped socks from Bamboo Creations Victoria
Bamboo Sport/Ped Socks
Our website now contains bamboo sports/ped socks.  As you can see from the image to the right that they come in many different colours.  Most have a base of white with a choice of other colours to match your sports outfit.  They are made from the high quality bamboo fibre like our other socks to make playing your sport that little more comfortable.

Our bamboo ped socks come in a range of different sizes from kids sizes up to adult larger sizes.  Our website shows all the different colours and sizes available.  You can access these socks through the Bamboo Fibre Products option in the Our Products menu item. Here is a direct link to the socks page to make finding these socks a little easier (

As with our other bamboo fibre products, if you purchase through the website and buy 5 or more then we will deliver to your door free of charge.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Albo Striata bamboo is on special

Albo Striata bamboo on special from Bamboo Creations victoria
Albo Striata Bamboo
Our Bambusa Multiplex Albo Striata or commonly known as Albo Striata bamboo is on special.  You can get a 1.8 metre tall plant for only $49. Check out the frog on the front page of our website!

Albo Striata bamboo is a clumping type of bamboo with a clump diameter of about 1 metre.  This would be a great screening type of bamboo to hide unsightly neighboring buildings or to provide a wind screen.  It has a maximum height of about 8 metres with a cane diameter of about 4 cm.  As you can see in the picture to the right, the plant has dark green culms with a wonderful white strip (or striation).

If you would like more information then please visit our website or click on this link to take you directly to the Albo Striata page:

This special is while we have stock of this beautiful plant. If you miss out this time then keep your eye on this blog or our website for other specials.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

New bamboo socks available - Womens knee high socks

Bamboo socks womens knee high socks from Bamboo Creations Victoria
Bamboo Knee High Socks
We now have women's bamboo knee high socks available on our website.  These are available in different colours and sizes and made from the same high quality bamboo as our other sock types.

You access these through the Our Products link at the top of the screen.  The new socks are under the Bamboo Fibre Products category.  To make viewing these socks easier, here is a direct link to the Knee High Socks page: bamboo-knee-high-socks.  

The same postage rules apply to these socks as our other socks.  If you purchase 5 or more of these socks then the postage is free.  We will have them deliverd directly to your door for free. More socks still to come, keep your eye on our website.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Bamboo planting guide now available

bamboo planting guide with step by step instructions.
Bamboo planting guide on our website
We have been working on giving you more information about bamboo.  We have included a Planting Guide on our website.  You can access this through the Info Page.  On the Info Page you will see at the top of the Bamboo Plant Specification table a link to the Bamboo Planting Guide. 


Here is a direct link to this handy planting guide:

The bamboo planting guide shows step by step instructions on how to get the most out of your new bamboo purchase.

We are now working on a downloadable version of this guide.  Stay tuned.

Market this weekend

We are back to Berwick this Sunday.  This is the Akoonah Park Market in the Akoonah Park. The market runs from 8:00am to 1:30pm.  Love to see you there.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Beautiful email from Happy Clients

Bamboo creations victoria and the Hawkesbury Collectors' Plant FairWe recently received an email from a happy client with some fantastic photos of their bamboo so we had to share this with you all.  They were saying that they purchased the original bamboo about 3 years ago at one of our plant fairs.  They then came back and saw us at Hawkesbury Collectors' Plant Fair and purchased some more plants.  The top photo shows the new plant in the garden with the original ones. Looks fantastic.

Hawkesbury Collectors' Plant Fair and bamboo creations victoriaWe are always excited to see any shots of our bamboo and how it is being planted or used.  Please send through any photos with an approximate age - Thank you.

Gisborne this weekend.

That is correct, Gisborne is back on this weekend and we will be there with our van full of bamboo plants.  This is on the corner of Aitken and Hamilton streets in Gisborne.  Why not come for a drive this Sunday and visit us at our local market.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Akoonah Park this Weekend

Akoonah Park Market
This weekend we are down at Berwick at the Akoonah park market.  This market is at Akoonah park on the corner of Princes Hwy and Beaconsfield-Emerald Rds. The market runs from 8am to 1:30pm. Our website has more information about this market (and other markets that we attend).

This is a special market for us as we will be taking lots of different types of Bamboo plants for you to look at and purchase.  We will also be taking our range of high quality bamboo fibre socks (give you feet a treat and put them in high quality bamboo fibre) and other bamboo products.  

This market is also special as we will be taking some Japanese Maple plants.  These are beautiful looking plants. Some of the plants that we are taking are very rare. Come and have a look and even purchase one for your own garden.

See you at Berwick !!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Bamboo Creations at Akoonah Park Market

This is a new market for Bamboo Creations Victoria. We will be attending the Akoonah Park Market in Berwick on the 18th May 2014. This is held in the Akoondah Park in Berwick. Enter the park from Princess Highway.  It runs from 8am to 1:30pm.

This market has a large number of stall holders with everything for sale from cupcakes and other food items to toys. We will also be there with plenty of bamboo related products.

We have a link on our website for you to find out more information about this market.

Singlets on special.

That is correct, we have a special on our mens singlets.  These are going for $20 instead of $25. This is a 20% discount.  View all the fantastic colours on our website.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Candy Cane bamboo

Himalayacalamus Falconeri Damarapa or commonly known as Candy Cane Bamboo is currently on special at Bamboo Creations Victoria for $55 each (for April or until sold out).

Foliage of the candy cane bamboo
Candy Cane foliage
Red and yellow canes that give candy cane bamboo its common name.
Photo of candy cane culms
Check out the magnificent red and yellow canes (picture on the right) which give this bamboo its common name. Candy cane bamboo prefers morning sun and filtered afternoon sun.  It has a maximum height of about 5 metres with a clump diameter of about 1.5 metres.

Please refer to our website for more information on this rare Australian bamboo.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Foster for Easter

Selling bamboo at Foster Promontory market
Bamboo Creations Victoria at Foster over Easter
Looking for something to do over the Easter break then why not come and visit us at the Foster/Promontory market this Sunday (Easter Sunday).  Imagine the lovely drive down to the beach and the fantastic surrounds of Foster this Sunday. 

The market is held at the Foster showgrounds and has over 250 exhibitors.  It runs from 8am until 2pm.

This market raises funds for the local community groups (Foster Rotary Club, Toora Lions club etc.).

Our website has more details and a link to the Foster/Promontory market webpage.

See you there !!

Opening Hours at our Nursery over Easter.

We will be Closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Open Easter Saturday from 9am - 3pm and open normal hours on Easter Monday (9am - 5pm).

Monday, 7 April 2014

Gracillis progress shots

Bamboo Progress shots
Growth progress of gracilis bamboo 15 months apart.
Growth progress of Gracilis Bamboo

The photos on the right have been sent in from one of our satisfied customers.  They have planted Bambusa textilis var Gracilis or commonly know as Slender Weavers Bamboo along their fence line to create a beautiful green screen.  The shot on the left is when the bamboo was planted.  The photo on the right is the same plants 15 months later. What a fantastic screen. Imagine looking at this garden instead of the normal panel fence.  It is even starting to screen out the neighboring buildings. They have said that they will try and remember to send the same shot in another 15 months.  That will be great to see - Thanks for your effort.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bamboo Creations Victoria is coming to N.S.W.

Collectors plant fair in N.S.W.

Yes that is correct, Bamboo Creations Victoria is heading to Hawkesbury N.S.W.  The Collectors plant fair is being held this weekend (12th and 13th April) at the Hawkesbury Race Club.  The opening hours are: Sat 12th 8am-4pm and Sun 9am-4pm.  The address of the event is: 1 Racecourse Road, Clarendon N.S.W. 2756. As normal we have a link on our website to the events website.  Look on our location page or just click on the event on the left hand side of our site. 

There will be many nursery exhibitors with different types of plants to look at and to buy.  There is also an impressive guest speaker program with talks like: Success with Hydrangeas, Herbie's Spices and many more.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Plant Fair at Lanyon Homestead Canberra

Bamboo Creations Victoria at Lanyon Homestead Canberra
Bamboo Creations Victoria is heading to Canberra this weekend (22nd & 23rd March) to be part of the Plant Fair at the Historic Lanyon Homestead.  The address of this event is Tharwa Dve, Tharwa. From Canberra head south along Tuggeranong Parkway/Drakeford Drive. Turn right onto Tharwa Dve, follow signs to Lanyon Homestead.

There will be a large number of exhibitors, displaying and selling many different types of plants.  Bamboo Creations will be taking a large amount of bamboo plants. 

In addition to plant exhibitors, the plant fair has other activities from speakers to tours of the homestead (established in the 1840s). The following is a sample of some of the talks: Bulbs, the how, why and wherefore of bulks. Feeding your soil, not your plants. Good garden design, some basic principles. Our website has a link to the Plant Fair website which has a program of the different activities and talks.

Interesting Fact

The Bamboo stem or trunk is also called a Culm. The definition of culm is: culm, in botanical context, originally referred to a stem of any type of plant. It is derived from the Latin word for 'stalk' (culmus) and now specifically refers to the above-ground or aerial stems of grasses and sedges.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Beautiful day at Foster

Bamboo creations victoria at Foster/Promontory market
Bamboo Creations Victoria at Foster Market
What a great day at Foster. Fantastic location, beautiful day and lots of  people to talk to.  Great News!!, We had such a great time that we will be back at Easter.  The next market at Foster will be on Easter Sunday (Easter Sunday, 20th April 2014).

For the people that would like to attend at Easter, this market is held on Station Road, Foster. 
If you need more details about the Foster/Promontory market, then swap across to our website and follow the links. We have some details about the market and a link to the market website.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Foster Promontory Market this weekend.

Beach View at Kilcunda - on drive to Foster
This weekend is a long weekend for most.  Imagine a lovely drive down to the beach and a trip to a market to get your favorite plants.  Well you are in luck, the Foster Promontory market is on this weekend. 

The market is on this Sunday (9th March) from 8am to 2pm. There will be many exhibitors with lots of things to look at.  There will be Plants (Don't forget to say hello to us at Bamboo Creations Victoria), produce, food, arts and crafts and even train rides for the kids.  The market is held on Station Street in Foster.  For more information we have a link to the foster market webpage on our website (Link:

Come for a spectacular drive and see our huge range of bamboo.  Bring your bamboo or garden related questions and we can assist you in choosing the right bamboo for your garden.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Melbourne Open Garden this weekend

Plant Fair at Burnley Gardens.

Gold Stripe Bamboo by Bamboo Creations Victoria
Gold Stripe Bamboo by Bamboo Creations Victoria
This weekend (1st and 2nd March) is the plant fair at Burnley Gardens.  Gardeners heaven with over 40 Victorian and Interstate exhibitors. The plant fair is located in the grounds of the University of Melbourne's Burnley Campus - Yarra Boulevard, Burnley. It is open from 11am - 5pm daily.  In addition to the wonderful plants offered by the exhibitors there will be a series of interesting talks.  View the exhibitors (including Bamboo Creations Victoria) or just wander around the gardens.

Gold Stripe

March is Gold Stripe month. This beautiful looking plant is on special during March (or until sold out so give us a call and order yours today!).  Bambusa multiplex c.v Goldstripe or commonly know as Gold Stripe is a clumping type of bamboo. This bamboo will grow to a maximum height of approx 3 metres with a clump diameter of 1 metre. This bamboo gets its name from the gold stripe down the culms.

New Photos in the Gallery

Last weeks Oldhamii progress shots have now been added to the photo gallery for you to have a look at.  These are the same photos 1 year apart so you can see the growth and how other people are using this plant in their gardens.  These photos are in the gallery under Customer Pics - Gisborne Oldhamii if you are interested. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Seymour Farming Expo a Big Success

The Seymour farming expo held over 3 days in Seymour was a big success for Bamboo Creations Victoria.  We met a lot of people including the a lady that came all the way from Canberra to visit Bamboo Creations (pictured below).  Thanks for your huge effort in traveling that distance to visit the expo and us at Bamboo Creations.

We also got an email with the picture to the right.  "I got my bamboo plant at the Seymour Expo after trying to grow some from seed with no luck at getting what I wanted. So I got one from bamboo Creations and could not be happier" Terese.  Thank you Terese for emailing us with your comments and good luck with your fabulous bamboo plant.

Next Expo/Fair

The next market that we are attending is another big one.  The Plant Fair at Burnley Gardens in Richmond, Melbourne.  This is a 2 day event over the 1st and 2nd March (from 11am - 5pm). We will be taking our van full of interesting and beautiful bamboo plants.


·        Dendrocalamopsis Oldhamii (or commonly known as Speedy Screen) is one beautiful upright bamboo.  This Bamboo is a clumping type of Bamboo and needs at least a 1m wide garden bed. If you have anything less then you will need a root barrier.
·         When you plant Oldhamii it will need plenty of water and fertilizer in the first year. This bamboo prefers a well-drained soil with organic matter or compost and plenty of mulch. The picture above is from clients in Gisborne. This shows Oldhamii planted down the driveway to create beautiful green screen.  The first picture is an Oldhamii planted in Feb 2013 and the second picture is 1 year later so you can see the growth of this fantastic plant. 

     Oldhamii will grown to a maximum height of about 12 metres with a clump diameter of about 3 metres. This bamboo can be trimmed or hedged to create any screen or barrier that you need. For a full list of the specifications, refer to the Oldhamii page on our website (Oldhamii:

Sunday, 2 February 2014

This month is the huge Seymour Alt Farming Expo

Seymour Alternative Farming Expo

On the 14th (Fri), 15th (Sat) and 16th(Sun) of February is the huge Seymour Alternative Farming Expo.  This expo has more than 450 exhibitors showing all the latest products, and services.   Bamboo Creations Victoria are one of these exhibitors with a van full of bamboo related products. 

In addition to a field full of exhibitors, there are guest speakers from farm and rural lifestyle seminars to butcher shop/country kitchen programs. To give you time to view all the exhibitors and lectures the expo is held over 3 days.

The expo is held in Seymour at Kings Park in Tallarook St, Seymour.  By car, you can get there straight up the Hume Hwy, or through Yea.  You can also catch a V-line train from Southern Cross station to Seymour.  The expo runs from 9am to 5pm daily. Our website has a link to the Seymour Alterniative Farming expo website for more information.

Like all our markets and expos, if you ring and book your products will can bring them to one of our markets and expos free of charge.  Make sure you get in early as we need to plan for your orders and the other products that we take to our markets and expos.

Our Website

We are always looking for new pictures to add to our photo gallery.  If you have planted some bamboo lately, we would love a picture of the type of bamboo used and how you have used it (eg. screening a neighboring building or as a decoration/ornament). We also love progressive shots so if you have some pictures that were taken a while ago, we would love to see the same shot months later to see how your bamboo has grown.

We are currently working on bamboo t-shirts to add to our vast bamboo product range.  We will let you all know when these are available.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Happy 2014 everyone

Welcome to 2014.  We have now updated our 2014 events and will continue to review and refine these, so keep your eye on our website.

The pictures to the right have been provided by one of our fabulous customers in Pascoe Vale. The top photo is back in February 2013 and the bottom photo is the same shot in January 2014.  This is just under 1 year and they are starting to have a beautiful green fence. Fantastic to look at from their beautiful decking.

Thank you for sharing these photos with us.  They have also been put onto our website under the photo gallery.

In 2014 we will continue to expand our product range. We are looking at different bamboo fibre products as they are high quality and sell very well.  Once again keep your eye on our website and this blog for all the new stuff that we will be providing.  If there is something that you would like to see on our site or on this blog then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will investigate and upload for you.

Thank you for your continued support and have a great 2014.