Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Market by the beach at Foster this weekend

bamboo creations victoria is attending the Foster market this australia day long weekend
Bamboo Creations at Foster Market
Foster is such a lovely spot to attend a market.  Even the drive down to Foster is very picturesque. The market is being held on the Foster Showgrounds on Station Road this Sunday (24th January).  It runs from 8am to 2pm.

The market has over 200 stalls from home produce, art and craft, food stalls and plants (including Bamboo Creations Victoria).  The market raises funds for: Foster Rotary Club, Fish Creek JC's and Toora Lions Club.

The Explore Australia website says that Foster was originally a goldmining town settled in the 1870s. The town boasts close access to Wilsons Promontory – affectionately called 'the Prom' – and is a popular base for visitors. Set in the centre of a rich agricultural area, Foster is the main shopping precinct for the Prom, Corner Inlet and Waratah Bay.

Come for a drive down the coast to a historic town and say hello to Bamboo Creations Victoria.  We always offer a free delivery service to all our markets and events. If there is something specific that you would like then give us a call beforehand and we will bring it with us to Foster this weekend.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Watering bamboo tips for Hotter days

Bamboo creations recommend watering systems on hot days
Bamboo Watering Timer System

The days over summer can become quite hot and your Bamboo may need a little bit of extra care during the hotter days.  Here are a few tips from Bamboo Creations Victoria on how to care for your Bamboo during the hotter summer days.

Watering of Bamboo is very important as Bamboo likes being moist, especially on the extremely hot days. If the bamboo gets too dry then the leaves will curl down and brown off. The culms will start to discolour from their nice green to a golden colour.

To ensure you give your bamboo the best chance in life we recommend regular watering. In the morning and at night in the extreme hot weather. They do not need lots of water in 1 big hit.  It is normally better to water smaller amounts on a regular basis.  The picture on the above shows an example of a watering systems.  These are not that expensive and can give your plants a quick burst at regular intervals during the day.

Depending on the size of your bamboo you may like to try the following watering suggestions:

  •  Small bamboo 1 min every 5 hours 
  •  Medium bamboo 1 min every 4 hours 
  •  Large Bamboo 2 min every 4 hours 
  •  Extra Large 5 min every 4 hours 

Our nursery does this from 7am to 7pm. To reduce the amount of water being used, why not try utilising some of your grey water. 

This watering regime is normally used just for the summer months to avoid your bamboo drying out on the hot days.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Welcome to 2016

Gracilis bamboo from Bamboo Creations Victoria nursery
Gracilis Bamboo
From everyone at Bamboo Creations Victoria, we hope all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy and Safe New Year. We are all ready for another exciting Bamboo year.

We are starting 2016 with our very popular Gracilis on special. 20cm pots of Gracilis start from $45 (limited time only). Come to the nursery to have a look at the range of Gracilis and other bamboo plants that are on special.  If you cannot make it to the nursery then why not give us a call and we will deliver for free to any of our events and markets. We keep our website updated with the nursery hours and all the events the we attend.  Please check the website before coming as things change from time to time.

The next events that we will be attending is the Violet Town market and then down to Berwick for the Akoondah Park market.  The end of the month sees us back down the beach at the Foster Market.