Sunday, 16 March 2014

Plant Fair at Lanyon Homestead Canberra

Bamboo Creations Victoria at Lanyon Homestead Canberra
Bamboo Creations Victoria is heading to Canberra this weekend (22nd & 23rd March) to be part of the Plant Fair at the Historic Lanyon Homestead.  The address of this event is Tharwa Dve, Tharwa. From Canberra head south along Tuggeranong Parkway/Drakeford Drive. Turn right onto Tharwa Dve, follow signs to Lanyon Homestead.

There will be a large number of exhibitors, displaying and selling many different types of plants.  Bamboo Creations will be taking a large amount of bamboo plants. 

In addition to plant exhibitors, the plant fair has other activities from speakers to tours of the homestead (established in the 1840s). The following is a sample of some of the talks: Bulbs, the how, why and wherefore of bulks. Feeding your soil, not your plants. Good garden design, some basic principles. Our website has a link to the Plant Fair website which has a program of the different activities and talks.

Interesting Fact

The Bamboo stem or trunk is also called a Culm. The definition of culm is: culm, in botanical context, originally referred to a stem of any type of plant. It is derived from the Latin word for 'stalk' (culmus) and now specifically refers to the above-ground or aerial stems of grasses and sedges.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Beautiful day at Foster

Bamboo creations victoria at Foster/Promontory market
Bamboo Creations Victoria at Foster Market
What a great day at Foster. Fantastic location, beautiful day and lots of  people to talk to.  Great News!!, We had such a great time that we will be back at Easter.  The next market at Foster will be on Easter Sunday (Easter Sunday, 20th April 2014).

For the people that would like to attend at Easter, this market is held on Station Road, Foster. 
If you need more details about the Foster/Promontory market, then swap across to our website and follow the links. We have some details about the market and a link to the market website.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Foster Promontory Market this weekend.

Beach View at Kilcunda - on drive to Foster
This weekend is a long weekend for most.  Imagine a lovely drive down to the beach and a trip to a market to get your favorite plants.  Well you are in luck, the Foster Promontory market is on this weekend. 

The market is on this Sunday (9th March) from 8am to 2pm. There will be many exhibitors with lots of things to look at.  There will be Plants (Don't forget to say hello to us at Bamboo Creations Victoria), produce, food, arts and crafts and even train rides for the kids.  The market is held on Station Street in Foster.  For more information we have a link to the foster market webpage on our website (Link:

Come for a spectacular drive and see our huge range of bamboo.  Bring your bamboo or garden related questions and we can assist you in choosing the right bamboo for your garden.