Saturday, 8 April 2017

Gracilis bamboo from Bamboo Creations Victoria

gracilis bamboo on sale over easter 2017 at Bamboo Creations Victoria nursery.
Bamboo Creations Victoria have Gracilis on special over Easter
We have spoken before about the wonderful Gracilis Bamboo. This is because it is one of our most popular Bamboo. Over the Easter period we will be having this Bamboo on special starting from $35. 

Bambusa textilis var. gracilis or commonly known as Slender Weavers Bamboo is a fast growing, clumping type of bamboo. Grow it along a fence line to block out the neighbours. Like one of our pictures on the right, you can just see the neighbours house. Imagine the same picture in a few years time. Privacy with a nice green screen. 

This bamboo will grow to about 6 metres tall but can be cut and hedged if you don't want it to grow that big. It has a nice tight clump with a cane diameter of about 4cm. Come along to our Nursery in Riddells Creek over Easter to see this bamboo and all our other bamboo and take home a few specials.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Easter at Bamboo Creations Victoria

bamboo creations victoria hedge bamboo to screen out unwanted buildings.
Hedge bamboo to screen unwanted buildings
Easter is a special time for us so we are making it a special time for you. We have many bamboo on sale over the Easter period from as little as $15.90. The most popular bamboo in our large range is the wonderful Gracilis. Gracilis will be on sale from $35. Also, have you ever wanted to block out neighbouring buildings with a lovely green hedge. Why not think about our Hedge Bamboo (botanical name - Bambusa Multiplex). Hedge bamboo is a clumping type of bamboo and will grow to about 3-4. This bamboo will also be on sale over the Easter period so plan a trip to our nursery to have look at our full range of bamboo.

In addition to our bamboo being on special, our other bamboo products are on sale at 20% off (nursery only).  Give your feet a present this Easter with our high quality socks at a special price

Easter times:
  Good Friday - Closed
  Easter Saturday: 10am - 4pm
  Easter Sunday: 10am - 4pm
  Easter Monday:  10am - 4pm  
  For the days we are open, no appointment is necessary so come along and check out the specials.

We wish all a very Happy Easter and be safe on the roads if you are traveling.