Monday, 19 August 2013

Black Bamboo in Focus

Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra)

Black Bamboo is 
truly a must have bamboo 

Phyllostachys Nigra Bamboo by Bamboo Creations Victoria
Phyllostachys Nigra - Black Bamboo
Like the Frog on our Website says "September is Black Bamboo Month".  This is actually a running bamboo but they can be contained in pots.  The picture on the right is our black bamboo in big red pots at Oscar's Restaurant in Essendon.  Our photo gallery on our website has other black bamboo in pots to give you planting and positioning ideas. 

We have a load of black bamboo on special right now (until sold out). Black bamboo start to shoot early Spring. So get your Black Bamboo NOW so you can see the new shoots popping up. The new canes start green then turn black over age.
We get calls just about everyday for this bamboo

Next market

Come and say Hello at the Flemington market this weekend (Sun 25th August).  The Flemington market is held at the Flemington racecourse.  Many people are utilising our free market delivery service.  All you need to do is call us on 1300 654 454 and place your order.  We will then bring your order to a market of your choice absolutely free. 

Changes to the Website.

We have added new sizes to the mens singlets and trunks to give you more choice.  We also loaded new pictures into our gallery.  We also have more pictures to load up this week so keep your eye on our gallery to get ideas of using this wonderful plant.

SPRING is now less than 15 days away.  The weather is getting better making it more pleasant to be outside in your garden over your weekends (if you are not visiting us at our nursery or our markets - Flemington this weekend).

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

More changes to website

Bambusa Multiplex cv. Goldstripe by Melbourne Bamboo Nursery
Bambusa Multiplex cv. Goldstripe
Website Changes

We have been busy recently updating our website with a new set of Bamboo Socks and a new type of bamboo plant.  We have added Equestrian Socks to our range of bamboo fibre socks in the shopping cart.  You can now purchase these socks through the website.  As discussed previously, if you purchase 3 or more of these or other socks then the postage will be FREE.  These are long socks specially designed for equestrian riding boots to keep you warm. These also have all the anti-bacterial properties of bamboo fibre to reduce the smelly feet syndrome.

Bambusa Multiplex cv. Goldstrip or Goldstripe bamboo has also been added to the website.  This can be found in the Clumping bamboo section and also in the Best Screening category.  The website has all the statistics of this wonderful plant. Here is a summary for you:  Maximum height: 3 metres, Clump diameter: 1 metre. For more information Click on this Link to visit our Gold stripe bamboo page - Gold Stripe Bamboo.

Nepalese Blue Bamboo blocking fence.
Letter from a Customer

This was an email we received this month and thought it would be good to show other people about how you can utilise bamboo.  "We originally purchased 7 Nepalese Blue from you and planted them Oct 2012 along the side of our house. They have just about covered the boring fence in just 10 months! We couldn't be happier. I love looking out at the bamboo from my kitchen & dining room window - Thanks Lorelle".

We love these types of letters as they can give great planting ideas. We will be adding these pictures shortly to our photo gallery shortly so keep your eye on our website.