Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Gisborne Market

Hello Viewers
This Sunday the 5th of August 2012 is our most loved market as it is in our home town
Gisborne Olde Time Market is busy all year round, people come from all over Melbourne and Victoria to visit our market, sunshine, or rain Gisborne market is always full of people from all ages.
Bamboo Creations will be there with many varieties of bamboo plants to choose from
Please Note: If you are needing large numbers it would be best you Call Us  and pre order your Bamboo  We are most then happy to take your bamboo to the market free of charge. 
After you have visited the market you must visit the best garden nursery in our regent which is the Gisborne Nursery the most nicest helpful guys you could meet and the nursery is so beautifully designed 
You just cant miss going to the most lovely nursery in town 
Please click on Gisborne Nursery  for details 
We look forward to seeing you and help you choose the right bamboo for your garden design 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bamboo Creations Victoria: This Week

Bamboo Creations Victoria: This Week: Bamboo Creations Victoria   would like to remind our viewers that we have many events coming around in September,  Please visit our  Event...

This Week

Bamboo Creations Victoria  would like to remind our viewers that we have many events coming around in September, Please visit our Events to find out more. 
We have no events booked this weekend, and with spring approaching us very quickly and September being our most busiest month, Bamboo Creations has many bookings this weekend  so Call Us  today with any enquiries you may have or to arrange an appointment to visit our bamboo farm at Riddells Creek, Melbourne Victoria in the beautiful Mount Macedon Ranges  We are open 7 days a week, operating hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm 
Please Note:By Appointment Only same day appointments can be arrange.
We are more then happy to listen to all your bamboo ideas and to help you choose the right bamboo.We have  over 55 varieties available  and all in stock till stock runs out.  

Friday, 20 July 2012

Flemington Craft Market

This Weekend is Flemington Craft Market situated at The Flemington Racecourse.

One of our largest markets in the heart of Melbourne.

Bamboo Creations Victoria  takes along many species but not large numbers,
Most of our client pre-order their bamboo and pick them up at each event we attend.
We are more than happy to take our clients bamboo down to markets free of charge.
We are there to assist you with your bamboo and love to hear what you are tried to achieve
Whether it’s a screen to block out unwanted views or creating an oriental garden
Bamboo Creations Nursery is open 7 days a week By Appointment only client are more than welcome to come see our very large selection we have to offer 
Please visit our Locations for many more  Coming up Events

This Month most asked question

This month most asked question? 

When is the best time to plant bamboo?

 You can plant bamboo any time of the year. Planting bamboo in the warmer months will need more frequent watering and plenty of mulch to keep your  bamboo plant nice and cool.Planting bamboo in the cooler months has an advantage as bamboo will not need frequent watering but still keep moist and mulch to keep the warmth in.Another advantage is your bamboo plants will have a longer time to develop strong roots.A good solid root system is what enables bamboo to send out bigger and tall canes the following summer.

Our web www.bamboo-plants.com.au

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bamboo Creations Victoria Coming Up Events

Bamboo Creations Victoria would like to announcement our new locations
Henty Machinery Field Day
Please visit Our Links on our web page for more details.
Our website: www.bamboo-plants.com.au

News From Bamboo Creations Victoria

Bamboo Creations Victoria stocks a wide range of bamboo species from the most common bamboo to the rarest bamboo you can find, 
We have pot sizes from small 14cm to large advance 50cm pots you can find it all here at Bamboo Creations.Our nursery is situated in the Macedon Ranges.
 We are only 40minutes drive from Melbourne Airport and we are open to the public 
7 days a week 9:00am to 5:00pm 
So call us today for any enquiries you many have on 0411 465 652 
Please Note: All visits are welcome to our nursery by Appointment Only to ensure one of our friendly and professional staff can help you choose the right bamboo to suit your needs 
We Thank you for visiting our blog and look forward to hearing from you.