Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bamboo Jargon

Cream stripe bamboo or Bambusa albo minorBamboo Creations Victoria have not go any market and expo commitments over the next couple of weeks so now is a great time to come and visit our Nursery to see the full range of bamboo available. When you come to our nursery bring along all your Bamboo questions and we will try and answer them and help with your bamboo choices.

Here are a few bamboo terms and what they mean to make enjoying your bamboo even greater. If you would like to know the meaning of other terms that you have heard then please email or leave a comment on this blog entry.

Culm: A bamboo culm is the term used for the stem of the bamboo plant. The interest fact is that these grow from the ground at their full diameter.  This is different to trees as branches start thinner and thicken up during their growing season. Over years the bamboo culm get harder to a point where some countries use bamboo culms in construction.

Culm Leaf: The protective leaves that cover the emerging shoot or Culm

Rhizome: This is the part of the bamboo that lives underground and controls the characteristics of the bamboo. This will determine if the bamboo plant is a clumping type or running type. The stems or culms then grow from the underground rhizome.


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